Weekly $$ Saving Recap

My trip to Poland is approaching and both my dad and I are literally counting days. I cannot wait to see him and hug him! This is going to be the shortest trip, while in the past I would have gone for 2-3 weeks, this time it will only be 8 days since I only saved up a few days off since starting a new job earlier this year. I am trying to stay extra frugal and conscious of where my money is going since, even though I got the flights super cheap, the trip is costing me quite a bit. I am the most favorite aunt too so I am bringing a suitcase full of gifts for my nieces 🙂 Stay assured, I am trying to get good quality for the lowest price I can.

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Open Yourself to Frugality

I am in awe sometimes how much it ‘all’ depends on one’s own attitude.

Positive spirit attracts positive things, peaceful demeanor makes your colleague adjust her voice to reflect yours, the frugal mindset will literally make it ‘rain’ with opportunities to save money or get things for free.

It surely does take a little effort but not as much as you think.

Open yourself to receiving:

1. Don’t be afraid / ashamed / embarrassed to be perceived as ‘frugal’

Come out of the frugal closet.

Yes, I will happily pack all the leftovers after work lunch. Hand me downs for my nieces; anyone? I will take them! Kitchen towels and half used toilet bowl cleaner that you won’t take to your new apartment? I will use take them too.

See what I’m saying? Make it known to everyone that you graciously accept things. Once you do, free goodies will just keep coming to you with minimal effort.

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International Move’s Aftermath (+ my usual frugal ways)

It’s been almost two weeks since The PG Girl packed up all her stuff and utilized her one way ticket to Warsaw. (Insert a very sad face here). After almost 12 years in NYC you can only imagine how much guts it took to do that. But she did. I am ‘WhatsApp-ing’ with her now  and besides complaining about this gloomy, fall weather day, she is doing very well. I mean what’s not to like? She is settled in a beautiful apartment, her lovely parents just a couple of hours away.

Frugal accomplishments

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Things I Don’t Like Doing

There are a few things that you don’t know about me, I am also not disclosing my real name or posting any photos of myself or my family. BECAUSE I am not disclosing who I am, I also feel I can be totally honest. I can type up anything I want. No one will judge me and if they will, oh well. Who cares? My boss or my colleagues will not google me, my family and friends will not feel hurt if I ever say anything about them they don’t like!

Basically, I am blogging safely 🙂

Things I don't like doing

I want that you learn a bit more about me. All of us have some things that we don’t like doing (or are scared of doing) but do not necessarily want others know that. I am sharing a few of these things with you today.

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Friday Favorites and Puppy Love

Is it just me or really we just have Mondays, Fridays and nothing in between? Seriously, I just had a mild case of a Monday and suddenly with just a few blinks of an eye, there we go –  Friday again (no complaints here!). The ‘summer hours’ are done but regardless, it was a great week, very productive and it literally flew.  Although, unfortunately, I did not have a chance to do much for myself, I was still able to get some reading done, as well as enjoy a few very nice evening walks.



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Frugal Accomplishments – part 2!

I know I just posted my ‘frugal things’ for the week but here it comes – part 2!

Free pizza 🍕

Every Monday my office orders lunch for everyone. While I usually hope for sushi, this Monday (today!) it was salads and thin crust margarita pizza with fresh basil and mozzarella cheese. Just when I was about to leave for the day I noticed there was one pizza box left ready to be trashed once the cleaning team comes (my office has a hotel sized fridge and NOTHING can be stored overnight). Let me assure you that all 6 slices made it safely to Maspeth tonight. Although T. is a bit fussy about having pizza for dinner (now that he is very much into juicing, smoothies and kale salads). Free pizza is nothing to snooze at in my humble opinion. Shall I also add no cooking time and no dirty dishes tonight? Thank God I have 51 votes in this household –

Frugal accomplishments

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Stay Calm and Be Frugal

It’s been semi-easy not to spend too much money in the last 2-3 weeks (except for all the steady bills) due to me working late most of a day, each day. I put T. in charge of grocery shopping (sent him off with a detailed list of course) and except a few small things that he put in a basket on top of what he was sent for, he did well. 🙂

I am still going strong with brining all my lunches to work. Since June 20th I only purchased lunch twice!

I am pretty sure we went out for dinner only once this month. I felt a complete work burn-out and I had zero ideas what to make. Tuc Tuc in Long Island City came to the rescue and it was a $25 very well spent. Plus no dishes to do. We ‘killed two birds’ and called it a date night.

Master Chef quality home made Dutch baby!

Master Chef quality home made Dutch baby evolution. After trying a few variations, the best one is plain with no additional fruit or other stuff in it. It just gets puffier and lighter that way. I can always put ‘stuff’ on top.

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Simple is Good for You and Busy is Good as Well

I hadn’t stopped by here for 3+ weeks. You may remember me complaining over the summer about being a bit bored at work. Well, as of right after the Labor Day weekend, I complain no more. 😳

Well, being busy is good. Being busy is better than being bored.

Work surely has been plentiful this month; full time of it and more. Sadly, no overtime has been paid but what keeps me going at the office past 6pm (besides my boss) is the legendary bonus that I am due to receive sometime in December. I never had a job, before this one, that paid annual bonuses. I am very much looking forward to receiving it for the very first time. Since I do all my unpaid overtime with a smile on my face, I’d better be receiving a big, fat check when the time comes!

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Frugal Weekly Update

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This past week literally flew by. It was also last week of ‘summer hours’ for the year. I will surely miss getting off work at 3pm on Fridays. T. and I are spending this Labor Day weekend in Sagaponack in Long Island. Our ever generous friend is letting us stay in his beautiful home, using his pool and hot tub. What a treat. We are enjoying peace and quiet, lots of nature and being a bit lazy too. The evenings are getting a bit chilly so last night we enjoyed an outdoor fire pit too. Fall is definitely coming.

Weekly Frugal Update

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