Frugal Accomplishments and More Free Goodies

Seems like I am writing nothing else here on this little blog of mine but the weekly updates on how I saved (or spent) money and what free stuff I got.

The last few weeks have been busy, the current NYC heatwave was not helping either. This past weekend we all were literally walking with our tongues out. Not a pretty sight.  The moment I got home from work I was literally passing out. I had absolutely zero desire to clean, dust or shop. Cooking and doing the dishes was turning into a task of the gods. Almost unattainable. Well, I still did it; and I was glad T. was the only person who was hearing all my cries and whines. Yep, I am definitely not handling the 90+ degree weather well.

Spotted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Spotted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I feel good about settling at my new work. Although I am finding it quite boring to be honest, at times I literally feel like I wish it was super busy and crazy again. Funny how I left my previous work because it was too busy. I got mine; it is way too slow now! Believe me, it is almost as bad to be too bored than it is to be too busy. If one does not have much to do, she is fighting yawning all day long, each minute feeling more like an hour. I trust this is because of the ‘slow season’ as most people are traveling right now so I am hopeful it will change and feel more productive in the fall.

And as far as biggest frugal accomplishments last week?

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Frugal Accomplishments Weekly Update

This past week I managed to track every penny dollar we spent. Well, to my best knowledge as I cannot say 100% as far as T. is concerned. As I may have mentioned in some of my previous pasts, while I think we live frugally, we surely have a lot of room for improvement in certain areas, especially all the weekends’ ‘exceptions’ that we treat ourselves to. We also still don’t have a budget but generally try to stay aware of where the money is going, trying not to go overboard as far as personal ‘wants’ or ‘imaginary’ needs.

Frugal Accomplishments

Currently, regardless of all the budget related bellyaching that I have been doing, I actually think that T. is doing much better frugality wise (than I am!). Remember my $180 UBER fiasco? Or my totally out of control Saturday when I spent $60 just by casually hanging out with one of my girlfriends? I am sure I would have had as much fun if I drank 1 small cappuccino instead of 2 fancy lattes, a piece of cake and a smoothie just an hour later.


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Frugal Weekly Update

For most part my ‘frugal week’ meant just acquiring free stuff; some of the goodies literally landed in my lap while others I had to hunt for (with quite minimal effort). I continued to make all meals from scratch, brown bagged our lunches every day, made coffees at home. I was being a very good girl!

Well, that’s during a week.

The weekend is a bit of a different story – I lunched and brunched and drank latte like there is no tomorrow. I met with one of my girls and I went a bit overboard… $59 or so later… (each). Gulp. I feel a lot of guilt today :/

My mind is set up on doing a no-spend August, starting tomorrow. Perfect timing, as I surely loosened up a bit these past few weeks.

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Stepping Back is Hard

Stepping back is hard.

T.’s son from his first marriage failed calculus and English class and did not graduate this past May. He would have gotten his associate degree but since he failed two classes, the graduation plans got canceled. He kind of waited till the very last moment to announce the bad news, just in time for T. and his grandparents not to buy plane tickets to fly all the way to California. Well, at least he was aware of that.
Stepping back

Right after the graduation fiasco the young man decided to enroll into a very intense officer training program where he finished week 8 of 10 before he got sent back home due to a physical injury. The intense training definitely took a toll but thankfully he is recovering well, both physically and emotionally.

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Small Things Add Up – Frugal Update

I am still in a recovery mode after spending one million dollars on an UBER ride last Saturday. Funny how most of my friends would not think twice about it. Well, I do, and while it was worthwhile, it is really painful to see the charge on my account. Ugh. I will get over it eventually, I promise.

This week was frugal and too quick. I enjoyed my boss being away from the office 3 out of 5 days; it is definitely less hectic and crazy when he is not in. I surely do like that!

Frugal accomplishments

I’ve been staying frugal (and enjoying it). I am so grateful for constant encouragement by a lot of fellow, like minded bloggers and whoever comments on their (my) posts. I especially love this post by Mrs. Frugalwoods. Frugality is a way of life and it is all about how YOU want to live life; it is not about THEM. Building confidence in one’s frugality is the key to staying happy and fulfilled while living on ‘less‘ while staying focused on long term financial goals.

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Frugality Rocks – Weekly Update

New York City got hit by a heat wave this past week (the heatwave still going strong!) and my ancient AC box simply stopped keeping up with the 90+ temperatures. Thankfully Bed, Bath and Beyond came to the rescue with their $19.99 square fan that fits perfectly in my window. Besides going out on Saturday evening, this weekend is very much circled around staying cool and out of the sun. Well, I am still planning to go for a bike ride later tonight but not until 8pm when the sun is down.

As far as frugality, I did well this week except one thing. One thing which was a BIG ‘entertainment’ expense

1. Coldplay Concert

My girlfriend E. got free tickets for Coldplay concert playing last night in East Rutherford, NJ. They were VIP for the Presidential Suite tickets. Holly Molly, when she invited me, I couldn’t say ‘no’! I love Chris Martin and even though I attended a couple of his concerts in the past, it never gets old. It was absolutely amazing and also a great bonding experience for E. and I. We spend the day together and we sung our hearts out.

Coldplay concert. Frugality rocks

Although the tickets were free for us, we spent a small fortune on UBER car both ways. There was just no way around it, as the public commute on a Saturday would have taken us 3+ hours. Definitely we were not going to do that, especially after midnight. It sucks that UBER inflicts surcharge without any particular reason other than the fact that the pick up is for desperate people needing to get home (no snow, no rain, just a regular ride). The surcharge was 4.3 times and it cost us $150 EACH.


Literally killed me. I will be cooking a lot of rice and bean for the rest of the month.

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Rush to Succeed

I have been at my (not so new anymore) job for three weeks and two days now. I think I am settling, learning something new every day, even if they are just small things, such as they way my boss likes his envelope labels printed or who the AC or cable company that he uses is. Quite random things actually. My notebooks are getting filled up with info and my ‘to do’ lists are growing. I am going through the entire online database, folder by folder, project by project, year by year. Yep, it is exactly as little fun as it sounds. 😉

Rush to succeed

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Set Your Day off to a Great Start – Kick Ass Oatmeal Recipe

Best kick ass oatmeal recipeNothing saves money more than home made cooking. I mean, there are bills you simply cannot get out of paying – mortgage or rent, utilities, student loans, car payments, etc. That also includes grocery budget since most of us, especially those of us living in a city with no possibility to garden, do need to buy most or all of the food that we eat. What one CAN control is eating in vs. eating out. Now, I get it, it is hard to never go out to eat (duh, I live in NYC with 6 restaurants on every block), but what we try to keep it down to around here is:

a. Special occasions (DBay, anniversaries, Easter brunches, etc). In this case we may choose something slightly ‘fancier’, no alcohol or desserts though.

b. On occasional weekend inexpensive brunch with a friend as part of being social and maintaining the friendships!

c. When I am working a 12 hour day, forget to pre-plan a dinner and it is a matter of eating vs. not eating dinner. Basically, when the fridge is empty and neither T. or I have a plan, we head for a take out to Tuck Tuck in LIC. This probably happens once or twice a month.

Other than that – home made cooking for us 🙂

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My Weekly ‘Frugal Accomplishments’

I just love it when a week starts with a Tuesday. 4 day work week? I’ll take it! After I whined about my new job last week, I have to say it was much better this week. I think I just needed to cry about it a little, the first few weeks are challenging to get a grip of what’s going on, who is who and who does what. While I am open to other options still I am hopeful, after this week, that it will get better. I am seeing a ray of sunshine and some light at the end of the tunnel.

Regardless of little life dramas, one thing is constant. I am staying focused on saving M.O.N.E.Y 😉

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Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

I honestly don’t recollect making any impulse buys in June. Some treats, sure, but those were all things that made me happy, all a part of sharing time with friends. A few lattes, a couple of light brunches and two cups of frozen yogurt (the one you can get at Bloomingdales – yum!). I probably spent less than $100 as far as personal expenses during the entire month and spending it to be social with friends really made me much happier than spending it on clothes or extra cosmetics.

Frugal accomplishments? Yep, always on a lookout to save money and trying to stay aware of where my money is going.

Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

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