10 Reasons I Quit Using Facebook (and I am not going back)

Yes, I am serious. As of mid November 2014 I quit Facebook. Officially. And I told all my friends, my co-workers and my boss. This was my way of making it harder for me to log back in if the withdrawal signs were just too hard.

Let me tell you, it was not easy.

On day 1 I wake up and since it feels too early to jump onto work email just yet, it feels only natural to check FB. Well, it is not there. So I check the weather and actually get up and start my day 15 minutes earlier. I get on a train, both folks on either side of me studying their FB feeds, and I open my Kindle. Wow, I did not realize I have 220+ e-books. For some I actually paid so may as well start reading. I know my friend went on vacation and probably already posted some photos, tempted to check but I resist.

And I have – for the last 6 months.


I quit Facebook and I am not going back. The reason? More than just one.

Read on for 10 reasons to quit using Facebook:

1. Because you can use your time for something more productive

During my commute time (up to 2 hours a day) I can read, call my dad, plan my day, prepare grocery list and a meal plan for a week, knit and more. I can actually do something productive that I need or want to do anyway.

2. Because you really don’t care about your ex’s every move

Call me crazy, but I just don’t enjoy seeing my exes with their new girlfriends and wives. Do you?
And I am not jealous since obviously them not being with me is only their loss. Their new pets and kids are popping up on the news feed as much as ever. They even go as far as tagging you in a post commenting on your new haircut stating they liked it better when it was done another way. Seriously? Unfriending is not an option since you don’t want to seem that you care in any way. (because you don’t!).

3. Because there really IS such a thing as ‘Facebook Drama’

Who is doing what, with whom and where. Why isn’t he replying to my txts but is posting updates on FB?
You know what I am talking about. Constant checking until you drive yourself absolutely crazy.

4. Because sending a Facebook friend request and not being approved hurts

Been that, done that. Yes, she/he did see your request. And it was declined. All you can do now, is pretend it never happened.

5. Because – quite the opposite – you don’t want to approve some of your colleagues as ‘FB friends’

You don’t necessarily want to become ‘FB friend’ with literally everyone. Well, I don’t. But how can I not approve an invite from someone who sits just a few desks away from me at my office? I really try to keep personal and work life separate in most parts.

6. Because it is good to find out how many of your friends actually care to remember your BDay

2012: Very flexible settings on my FB allowing people to write on my wall. For my BDay I probably got 50-60 BDay wishes on my wall.
2013: I turned off the ability for others to write on my wall. For my Bday I got around 20-25 FB BDay direct messages.
2014: No FB and BDay reminder. My closest friends, with whom I actually stay in touch and meet up with regularly, were the only ones wishing me happy BDay.

Step back and evaluate how many good friends you actually have. Nourish those friendships

7. Because all the photos you get tagged into suck. And they are google-able

If you are in any way like me, then occasionally you do a google search on yourself. You switch to ‘image search’ and Voilà – all these photos you were ever tagged into are popping up, and you don’t even recognize some of them. For some reason, they also seem like the worst photos ever taken of you. It will take months / years for them to go down in search. They will practically stay in the Internet space forever.

8. Because your friends constantly ask you to ‘like’ and promote/share their business/blogs and other FB pages

and you don’t event like most of them (the pages, not friends), and don’t want to share them. When that happened to me, I would ignore the ‘like the page’ request, until I was literally made to ‘like’ it.

9. Because it is just ‘too easy’ to connect with someone

My all time favorite comment: ‘Let’s stay in touch – find me on Facebook’
Great. No, thank you.
What happened to exchanging phone numbers and giving someone a call to follow up?

10. Because FB may potentially be compromising your personal information

Easy as that.

Can YOU think of any more reasons for leaving Facebook?

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