15 Things That Will Make You Feel Better (Straight Away)

Sometimes just nothing cheers me up more then getting a big salted caramel latte, sitting in a cafe and watching people. Of course it does not solve my problems but it is just enough to ‘pick my spirits up’ a little. When you are feeling blue or having ‘one of those days’ it is really helpful to know what things make you feel better.

Things that will make you feel better


1. Use best perfume you have (without going out)

Spray that baby on. There is nothing wrong with doing dishes smelling like Channel.

2. Go grocery shopping in your nicest heels

and rock it.

3. Have yourself some tea time

Have you ever tried The Art of Tea’s Earl Grey Crème tea? No? Make your life complete and drink some today.

4. Transfer some $ from your checking into savings / investment account

This is a weird one, one may say. Not sure about anyone else but whenever I know I am saving for the future I feel better.

5. Watch a rerun episode of ‘Sex and the city’

Or ‘Miranda’, ‘Desperate Housewives’ or anything else that you enjoy . Cuddle up with your favorite blanket, fire up your ‘Amazon’ account and de-plug for 25 minutes.

6. Call a ‘no complainer’ friend

You know, the one that is always cheerful, positive and chatty. Embrace the conversation and share only good news. Regardless of what’s going on, make it a positive call.

7. Go to a dog’s park

This is one of my most favorite things to do to make me feel better. It is hard not to smile while watching dogs play, dig holes and chase one another. Just seeing a dog and having a chance to pet it, makes me very happy.

8. Donate $5 to a cause on gofundme.com

Choose a cause close to your heart or someone completely random who is in need. Donate $5 (or as much as you can afford).

9. Do something nice for a stranger

Give a compliment, offer your seat, pay for her coffee.

10. Talk to a homeless person

and offer to do something nice for him. Actually kneel down and have a face to face conversation, without rush. You may be the only person he spoke to that day. So little for you, so much for him.

11. Donate your stuff

Offer to give something away for free on freecycle, craigslist or another local site. You will be surprised to get ‘takers’ that same day. You just made someone’s day.

12. Create a ‘pick me up’ playlist

13. Take a bath

and either put a face mask on and just relax or bring your laptop in, watch Dr. Phil or whatever suits your fancy while soaking in a tub.

14. Write an appreciation letter

to your mom, dad, grandma, uncle or anyone else that means a lot to you. Write a ‘real’ snail mail letter, not an e-mail. Tell them how much they mean to you, how they influenced you in a positive way and how much you appreciate them in your life.

15. Meditate

Light some candles and put some music on. Close your eyes and just be. Let yourself be all about breathing in and breathing out. Let your worries stay away for a moment.

What are the things that make YOU feel better?

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