A New Blog Has Been Born

 I have been enjoying sharing some of my thoughts, frugal (or not so much) accomplishments, $ savings updates, goals and resolutions as well as a few other random things with ‘the world’ through blogging. Or I shall rather say –  with all my 19 subscribers that I had on my Brooklyn Based Girlfriend blog.

For quite a few weeks now I have been growing a bit unhappy with the blog’s name though, which as a result made me want to update it a bit less. Weird. So I found a solution, I think.. I just ditched it and am starting all over here under a completely new name. I transferred some of the posts I liked or found somewhat relevant to what I want to continue to write about and forgot about all the other ones.

A New Blog has been born

The reasons I don’t think that Brooklyn Based Girlfriend is a good name?
Well, they are tri-fold:

I moved to Queens!

Ugh. Although I love Brooklyn. But Queens area where we moved is just a lot more affordable and saving money is just what I love to do.

So, although I do love Brooklyn I am a Brooklyn Based Girlfriend no more.

I am not writing about Brooklyn

and I feel like the blog’s name implied that. I was just ‘Brooklyn based’ but none of my posts were about ‘Brooklyn’ as such. There was nothing about where to eat, where to go, were to shop or anything specifically ‘Brooklyn-ish’.

I realized that it may be misleading after in my ‘site stats’ I saw searches such as ‘what to do in Brooklyn with my girlfriend’ or ‘where to find a girlfriend in Brooklyn’. Well, none of these questions got EVER answered on my blog. Especially the second one. Ha. I definitely felt that under these sort of searches my blog shall NOT be coming up. And yet it did.

I wanted a ‘broader meaning’

that would somewhat relate to what I write about. Which is quite broad to be honest. I want to and I enjoy writing about simple things, frugality, my Eastern European roots, saving money, enjoying life while spending less. I realized that I wanted the blog’s name to somewhat reflect that.

‘Brooklyn Based Girlfriend’ implied only two things: I am a female and I live in Brooklyn.
‘Simple Is Good For You’ just seems like a much better fit.

Choosing The Right Blog’s Name Matters

It will stay with you for as long as you write

So make it relevant. Not like I did!

  • Unless you are staying in one place for a long time, don’t make your city a part of your domain
  • If you call your domain ‘A mom of 2’ what if you have another baby? Etc
  • Don’t make people guess what the blog is about, make its name speak for it
You can’t easily change it

Oh boy, you surely cannot. To start with the new name I literally had to purchase a new domain. Then I manually set up the blog again and transferred all the posts I wanted to keep to be a part of my new blog. Let me tell you, it was not fun.

  • I manually copied and pasted old posts into the new blog one by one.
  • I watermarked all the photos all over again changing the name of the blog. Only then I realized how disorganized my files were. This part was most annoying.
  • I also am setting up all my social account from scratch to reflect the new change.
You lose readers if you change domains

All this ‘transfer’ means that I am losing all the comments from my readers, all my 19 subscribers as well as any followers that I had on Twitter, and potentially on Pinterest and Instagram.

Well, good thing is that while I am flattered if anyone is reading any of this, I am not writing on this site for a living. Having a few readers is just an extra bonus for me. But imagine if someone wanted to change their domain while blogging for a living? I don’t think they could do that. I know it takes months or even years to build up readership and a good relationship between the writer and the readers so they keep coming back.

Anyway, welcome to ‘Simple Is Good For You’ which fits me much more than any other name. I am excited to keep writing and I am happy you stopped by.


  1. Laure says:

    I really enjoy the various aspects of your blog. I thought you had shut it down! I was very happy to find this new one via your post on The Prudent Homemaker’s blog. I look forward to reading more. I find your blog interesting and also motivating.

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