Another Frugal Week Behind Me

Working long hours definitely goes hand in hand with frugality. The later I leave office, the less money I spend. Last week was out of control and I am seriously looking for a new job around April. I know if I don’t, I will absolutely go crazy. What’s a girl to do? Save herself, I guess. So please keep me accountable here, OK? 🙂

I just spent an amazing, frugal day with T. We biked from Queens to Greenpoint in Brooklyn, sat in the Grumpy’s Café for a couple of hours splitting a cup of coffee, working on our laptops. After that we sat on a bench in the nearby park, enjoying 65 degree weather, where we ate a couple of ham sandwiches and drank a thermos full of hot ginger tea that we brought with us. That’s how we roll.

I love Peter Tunney’s art. This must be one of my faves. Spotted in Long Island City, Queens

Since I’ve been catching a cold since yesterday I will be taking it easy for the rest of the long weekend. I was just actually watching some random videos on Facebook and stumbled upon a quite interesting one on motivation.  Namely, motivation is a bunch of BS. We will never feel ‘motivated’ to do something we are scared of, something that is new and unpredictable, something we feel uncomfortable about. We just need to do it, that’s all. Motivated or not. We’re only a step away from change, and yet we find ourselves stuck for days, weeks or even years in an unhappy situation. I’ve basically hated my ‘new’ job a week after I started but here I am eight months later still going there every single day. I am literally finding it a joke at this point. I am paid almost $85K per year (which is a big upgrade from my previous job) but I deal with daily disrespect and I dare to say emotional abuse. It’s pretty awful. Or pretty laughable actually, I think I am going to start drafting a comic book on my work life. I mean, some of the things going on there, one can’t even make up.

Spotted at ‘Coffeed’ Cafe in Long Island City, Queens

So I am making a ‘motivation’ worthy decision. April / May I am getting out there and getting myself a new J.O.B, even if I get a lower paid job, I am ok with that.

Making money, saving money. That’s what I do. Having a job that pays a lot but is awful in every other aspect, is helping me with trying to save, save, save. And get out of there!

Free tea 🙂 We had a work presentation one morning this past week. Tea and coffee was served. This is all the leftover tea that would have been left at the venue if I had not jumped on it.

Last week’s frugal accomplishments:

  • This week T. and I ate all the meals at home (except for whatever I ate for free in my office). No biggie though, cooking every day is not that hard so I know there will be no applause here for me 😉
  • I finally got to my sewing pile and fixed 3 pairs of stockings (good only to wear under my jeans), I also fixed small holes in T.’s two sweaters.
  • Except one coffee today, I spent an absolute ZERO on my wants this week. I had no time or desire.
  • We continue to embrace free entertainment. Apple TV, YouTube, Amazon Prime Videos (through work) and Netflix (still using friend’s login). We also went biking today which was awesome, and then T. played tennis with a friend.
  • I treated myself with a spa evening last night. Bath, face peeling and mask, home mani & pedi. Minimal out of pocket cost and making me feel like a million bucks.
  • I resisted 75% clearance at my local Duane Reade, some beauty products were pretty tempting, but I still have so much stuff that I brought from Poland in November that it will take us at least six more months to use. I definitely do NOT need to be buying any shampoos or body creams right now.

How are YOU saving money?



  1. Margaret @ Live Like No One Else says:

    Great job saving $. Hubby and I were laughing about a turkey that we bought on sale about a week ago. It was $.49/pound. The turkey cost us $7.50. Hubby slow cooked it over a wood burning grill outside. My hubby and 3 boys had it for lunches for a whole week and we had it for dinner 2x. Plus we are having it again for dinner tonight. Hopefully finishing it. LOL So it literally cost pennies per serving to feed our family of 5. That was probably our most frugal food week. Good luck with your search. But why wait until April/May to get out there. Why not start now?

  2. Bethany says:

    I agree that being busy = being frugal. Before we got married, I worked an office job that was kind of boring. I found myself internet shopping a lot, then after work doing more shopping in town. Now that I work at home I have a lot more things to do and less time to think about stuff I “need”.

    We are loving the warm MI weather this week. Hubs and I went for several long walks and I picked up cans and bottles to recycle. We also had a glut of eggs from the chickens because of the warmth and sunshine, so I made boiled eggs, egg salad sandwiches, and quiche.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      My desktop is in a VERY central place in my office so with everyone seeing it, I basically cannot do anything personal, including online shopping. Which is a good thing. 🙂 Glad you are getting some sunny days this week as well. I am loving having our windows opened and I immediately find myself in a much better mood. I think I am destined for a warmer climate, I am definitely at my least productive in winter (way too many evenings spent just watching TV).
      Fresh, organic eggs? Yum. Nothing tastes better 🙂

  3. lisa says:

    I can so relate to the stressful job. I feel trapped by the fact that I make a good salary and more than my spouse. I am tired and would like to work part-time at most. I haven’t been able to write blog posts in two weeks and barely have have time to read my favorite blogs like yours and Brandy’s. I pray things will lighten up a bit in the next couple of weeks. Good luck with your job hunt.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      We are in the same, exact boat here Lisa. I feel trapped by making the ‘steady’ money. My husband’s work is unstable as we works in real estate. On an annual basis he makes good money when we look back but we never know when the next payday will be which creates a feeling of insecurity. I am also the one providing healthcare for us so a lot of pressure here. I would LOVE to work part time and take care of myself more, work on things that make me happy and take care of the house, cook more, sew and have time to start working on a business that I could have from home.
      At the moment I am away from the house 8am – 7pm (or later) every single day Monday – Friday. I am really focusing on gratitude and all the goodness that we do have in our lives. My husband and I have a lot of love between us and I am grateful for that. I just wish for a bit slower pace for me. I am hopeful the change is coming! I hope same for you my friend. Xx

  4. Renee says:

    Hi Fellow Queens Neighbor-
    If you recall, we both started our new jobs around the same time. I, too, can’t shake the feeling that I do not want to be there. It causes some anxiety and I try to focus on the good. Your hours are nuts–I keep educator’s hours. Your blog truly brings me so much inspiration. Two things I wanted to share with you/ask:
    -What’s up with our Duane Reade? I passed by on my way to the children’s consignment store and noticed the gates were completely closed.
    -I wanted to bring to your attention a frugal show on NYC tv–
    All his outings/foods/eats are around the city for under $9.99!
    I wish you peace and bravery as you venture for a new job. I hope it’ll rub off on me. -Renee

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Renee 🙂 Nice to hear from you, hope you are enjoying this beautiful day.

      I do recall that we both started a new job around the same time. Sorry to hear yours is causing some anxiety too. After working for a non profit with a purpose and a nice boss, this gig of mine is just a total drag unfortunately. I am quite discouraged and find myself basically not caring (And I love the feeling of caring!) Time to go.

      The scariest part is to start looking for a job, once the process is on, it is not as scary. We can do this! Women Power. We deserve it.

      As for the Duane Reade, I haven’t passed by that one for at least a month. Hmm.. I hope they are not shutting it down, I will check on it tomorrow and report back 😉 In January I went to another DR in Willamsburg where I raided a clearance section once or twice.

      I just checked our the site with the videos, something totally up my alley, I will watch some of it tonight 🙂 Thanks Renee.

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