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Get Inspired – April 2nd

Because children don’t worry about perfection and have no fear of judgement.

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Keep on Keeping On – Saving Money One Day at a Time

I fell off the wagon for a bit, spending money left and right, coffee here, pad tai there, then another take out and some more coffee. This happens every time I break my routine. During the last three weeks, when I was making an attempt to get a new job, my days were all over the place. Thankfully T. played along and picked up the pieces, namely did the dishes, picked me up after work to shave 25 minutes off of my (subway) commute, practiced the interview questions with me and overall stayed peaceful and kind when I was taking my long days out on him. I honestly think I deserved to be put in a dog house at least a couple of times.

Somewhere near Nosara in Costa Rica. T. travelled to CR a couple of weeks ago and flooded me with hundreds of awesome photos 🙂

I am winding down a bit now. I requested a few books from my local library, and I am next one in the queue so I think I will have them ready for pick up on Saturday. While reading is one of my most favorite pastime activities, I don’t read much, due to my ever favorite excuse of not having enough time. I am actually still working on my 2016 Reading List. And I am not even half way through. I requested 5 books from the list, let’s see how I do.

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Back on the Market (and feeling lucky)

Yep. I have been having all the fun that comes with a job search.

[insert: nausea, self-doubt, double the daily stress and some occasional diarrhea]

I’ve kept very busy these last three weeks; I had three job interviews so I spent most of my evenings learning about the companies I was interviewing with, prepping for (and practicing) the interview questions, and coming up with a bunch of reasons why I needed to ‘step out’ from my desk at 3:15pm.  I think I used all the excuses by now –

  • gotta go to the dentist as one of my fillings fell out
  • I have that weird mole and it’s itching and I really have to have it checked out
  • just stepping out to get a quick lunch! (and disappearing for 2 hours)
  • my friend has an emergency and I am her only contact in town, gotta run and help her

Anyhow, it took so much out of me, it literally sucked out all of my energy to deal with the process. Not fun.

And what’s even less fun? Not getting any of those three jobs.

I am bracing myself as I am going to take a couple of weeks to recover and do it all over again in mid April!

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The Beauty and #Hygge of a Lazy Weekend

I have been enjoying a lazy, cozy, playing it by the ear sort of a weekend. My hubby boy is still away so it’s a perfect time for me to worry just about my own entertainment. And while I was planning to maybe reach out to some friends and catch up, the ‘feels like 8 degrees’ temperatures surely discouraged me from doing so. So we texted and spoke on a phone instead, no rush, each of us from under our own blankies 😉

I also took time to organize my sewing supplies (again). It seems like I am organizing them more than actually sewing with them 😉 but it makes me happy to go through all the fabric again, the thread, the ribbons. I have also been crocheting a little ‘thingy’ for my nephew’s baptism this May. Just a simple, white cape to cover the car seat (or whatever my sister chooses to cover). Once ready I am going to embroider his name on it too. I basically spent both weekend days at home, by myself, doing things that made me feel good.

Basically, this weekend, I hygger.

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Two Weeks from a Life of a Frugal Lady

My hubby boy has been traveling for work for the last 2 weeks and I have been the so called ‘slomiana wdowa’ meaning a ‘single lady on a loose’ ;). Oh the social plans I had, oh the 7 page long ‘to do list’ that I was planning to accomplish. Like organizing, purging, cleaning, eating donuts for dinner, binge watching Gordon Ramsey till the wee hours of 1am. You know, the regular things one does when her husband leaves for a few days or longer.

Just trying to stay calm

Well, let me tell you, all my planning was for nothing as literally the day T. left I got sick. Not sick with a flu or a sore throat or not even with a broken finger. I got some pretty heavy symptoms of a chronic disease that I have been dealing with for quite a white now. Quite frustrating and definitely very bad timing! Short story even shorter – out of my seven page ‘to do’ list I accomplished only a few things. And needless to say all my social plans for after work went down the drain turning into me running directly to subway to get home as soon as I could.

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