Back on the Market (and feeling lucky)

Yep. I have been having all the fun that comes with a job search.

[insert: nausea, self-doubt, double the daily stress and some occasional diarrhea]

I’ve kept very busy these last three weeks; I had three job interviews so I spent most of my evenings learning about the companies I was interviewing with, prepping for (and practicing) the interview questions, and coming up with a bunch of reasons why I needed to ‘step out’ from my desk at 3:15pm.  I think I used all the excuses by now –

  • gotta go to the dentist as one of my fillings fell out
  • I have that weird mole and it’s itching and I really have to have it checked out
  • just stepping out to get a quick lunch! (and disappearing for 2 hours)
  • my friend has an emergency and I am her only contact in town, gotta run and help her

Anyhow, it took so much out of me, it literally sucked out all of my energy to deal with the process. Not fun.

And what’s even less fun? Not getting any of those three jobs.

I am bracing myself as I am going to take a couple of weeks to recover and do it all over again in mid April!

Besides stressing myself out and driving my hubby boy crazy, all of that made me drop a ball on keeping it frugal. Namely, there were take-outs (too busy and tired too cook), there were coffees out (not sure why) and I also purchased a purse and a pair of pants that I did not need. Both for the interviews of course. At least they were from Crossroads so did not destroy my wallet, but still. I actually ended up returning the purse for store credit so was able to salvage some of the damage and at least I will buy something I need rather than a purse.

I guess some days or weeks are better than other. Some weeks I stay focused, frugal and I plan ahead, some weeks I just try to stay sane and take it day by day. I am sure you can relate.

Seems like I am complaining too much today, right? 😉 I am actually going somewhere with this…

While job search is a very stressful process (see the second sentence in this post), and I am letting it get too me maybe a bit too much sometimes,  I am also reminding myself every step of the way, how blessed I am TO BE ABLE TO look for work. Before I received my green card, for almost 13 years I was on a work visa where I did not have ANY flexibility to just ‘get out there’ and get a job I wanted. I had a work visa for one specific position at one specific company. And if I lost it for whatever reason – game over.

I have the freedom now. I have the freedom to try to get any job I want, to interview, I have the freedom to be picky, I have a freedom I dreamt about for a very long time. I feel very lucky.



  1. Peggy Ann in CT says:

    Hang in there. This trying time will pass. I have to remind myself of that sometimes and remember when things seem awful I am lucky in so many ways. Thank you friend.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Peggy Ann, nice to hear from you 🙂 Thank you for always cheering me on.
      I do believe that unless we ‘get out there’ and challenge ourselves, the change may not come. I am staying patient and try to appreciate the current job until I get a new one.
      Trust all is well with you and your family. xo

  2. Vika says:

    Sorry that you didn’t get the jobs you interviewed for! I really enjoy your blog and your balanced perspective! I hope you find a job that is a good fit and can continue to be thankful for the current circumstances. All the best!

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Thanks Vika!
      Yes, I am a bit bummed I did not get any of the jobs I interviewed for.. One of them would actually be ‘a dream come true’. But it was a long shot as I did not have much prior experience in ‘private equity’. I was trying to convince the COO to give me a chance but I also understand that they really wanted someone who can ‘jump in’ immediately into project without having to learn.

      Thank you for reading my musings here. I hope you will visit again. 🙂

  3. Becky says:

    I hope that you soon get the job that you really want. I am also rejoicing with you that you can go job searching anywhere you want. My husband and I have talked recently about how, even though a difficult past couple of years, it was great that we could make choices for ourselves during the process of selling our house, job searching downsizing, etc. Although many of the choices were not easy (like selling our dream home), those very choices made the past months livable. I’m also thankful for freedom!

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      I think it all comes down to gratitude, appreciation and positive attitude. I am glad that you and Rob have embraced the changes and were able to make positive decision while working on getting yourself out of that difficult time.
      I enjoy the updates about your children, your garden, family celebrations.
      Sending good energy all the way from Brooklyn today!

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