Breaking the (online) silence, life is good

Knock, knock.

The last few months have been very quiet as far as my online life is concerned. Once big reason is – I am expecting a baby! I am 19 weeks along and just started feeling first tiny ‘kicks’. Exciting! I still can’t believe it is happening, it all had felt so uncertain in the not so distant past. We are embracing this huge and life-changing event, while also being a bit scared too. Good scared, excited scared.

Very true.
Although I’ve definitely cut down to just one ☕️ a day.

While being pregnant is absolutely not a good reason to completely disappear, the last 3-4 months were very challenging. I basically was in a survival mode trying to keep it together. Posting anything on any of my social media sites was very last item on my priorities list. Now that I finally feel a LOT better, I am catching up a bit on all the updates from my frugal online friends.

To give a little more insight to what happened in the last 3-4 months:

1. Morning sickness

How about morning, midday, evening and night sickness? How about 24/7 sickness 🙁 Now, that that’s over I can laugh about it but when it lasted, I literally thought I would not live another day. Did I mention I never missed a day at work while at it? I surely did not manage it keep it a secret for more than the first 2 months.

2. Zero cooking

Well, maybe not a complete zero, but pretty darn close to it. Up until week 15 or so I had aversion to basically all foods, especially those in our fridge or cooked at home. Go figure. T. was still trying to put things together from pre-cooked Costco foods or basically made salads for himself. I, on the other had, purchased all breakfasts and lunches out, sometimes dinners too. I had to eat and somehow eating out felt less disgusting.

3. No energy

To me all expecting moms who already care for their older children are my heroes. During the first few months I could barely take care of myself, and the house was a complete mess. All I could do after coming home from work was to literally fall down on the living room coach, begging T. to untie my shoes. That was it for a day. Is it too much to share I happened to go to work without a shower more than a few times? Gross. Pregnancy glow? Haha. Not me. I am also completely out of shape since I have not exercised since around May. I am a hot mess.

This is not a staged photo, in case you are wondering 😉 When T. was away for a few days for work, leaving me all by myself, I basically stopped doing anything. What you see is three days worth of dishes.
On the 3rd day when I had to get to it before his return, I literally stood there crying.

4. Barely frugal

Lots of feeling pathetic and inadequate. I spent so much money on eating out I basically stopped tracking it. I felt like I gave up so I had nothing to share here since I did not want to be pledging the ‘Simple is good for you’ while eating lunch at ‘Little Collins’ spending $14+ each day. Gulp. I am getting nauseous just thinking about how much I spent overall. Saying that, I am getting back on track since around mid July. Since then I got only 3 or 4 lunches out and I had a few amazing shopping trips at CVS (85-90% off with coupons). We are back to making dinner at home 6 out of 7 nights too.

But it’s all worth it.

It’s a boy!



  1. Peggy Ann in CT says:

    So excited to see your post in my mailbox. Tears came to my eyes at your last words and the sonogram picture. All of those days and months of feeling lousy will melt away the moment you hold your little boy in your arms for the first time. So very happy for you. I hope that you will continue to feel better and find joy in the remainder of your pregnancy.
    Looking forward to future updates.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Thank you so much Dear Friend. I remember what you said to me last year about working full time but having your days literally fly by since you knew you would be be rushing home to your little girls. This will be me soon 😉 Trust all is well with you, appreciate your words of encouragement. xx

  2. Sharon Schulze says:


    It’s great to “hear” how you’re doing. Don’t beat yourself up about having no energy, etc.–it happens, and being exhausted is pretty normal while growing a person 🙂. 24/7 morning sickness is no fun, either (been there; it was a long time ago, but I’ve never forgot what that felt like!). It’s all worth it, though!

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Hi, Sharon! I am surely doing a looot of ‘lying around’, including just now. 😉
      I think we surely do tend to forget that while going through the process – we ARE growing a person. Wow.

  3. jodi says:

    Congratulations! So glad to hear that you are well, and look forward to reading updates. Parenthood is quite a ride…some things get easier with time and others harder, but it’s always worth it!

  4. Holley says:

    Congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for you! I just thought to myself yesterday that I MUST go check on your blog to see if you have posted and I just missed it in my email!!! So glad you are feeling better! I hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and your baby boy!!!!

  5. Becky says:

    I am SO happy for you guys! Amazing! As for the money eating out—glad you had it, glad you did it. That’s why you are frugal the rest of the time–so you can have money when you need it! I’m very glad you are getting to feeling better.

    I checked a few times to see if you had posted and want you to know you were missed. I was hoping you were just busy at work, but am delighted to hear the true reason. I’ll bet your family is so excited! Again, congratulations!

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Becky 🙂 Yes, we are all thrilled here, and I am already hunting for best clearance sales, which also includes thrifting. You know, the way WE do it 😉
      No matter how busy or tired I did not miss any of your own updates. The trip to Mexico seems like a huge success, I am also loving how much produce you are picking this year from your garden! Jake is such a big boy now and Patsy growing into a young lady. Life is good all around. xx

      • Becky says:

        The Mexico trip was great! I’m glad you got to read all the updates and see the pictures.

        You should be able to find lots of little tiny clothing from clearance sales or thrift stores because babies don’t really wear them out before they grow out of them. Lots of times they are really inexpensive, at least around here. You are going to have so much fun gathering things:)

  6. Renee says:

    You already know I’ve missed you–this is Renee from Kew Gardens. I’m so excited to read that all is well with you and congrats on the baby boy!! Yay!! I had the same issue with eating anything made at home or from inside the fridge until about 17 weeks or so. Frugal tip, join the Forest Hills parents and yard sales on FB–great baby stuff for cheap cheap prices. Can’t wait to read more about your frugal living in our fellow city–when you are up to it, of course. Hey, are you still at the same job? My last day was Friday and I am excited to try out another therapy agency in two weeks. Hugs and smiles…

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Renee, so happy to hear from you. 🙂 xx
      I will join the FB group that you are suggesting, I am hoping to raise this baby on a budget. ha! Well, that excludes childcare of course, I am in utter shock how much it costs a month (done some research and even in Maspeth it is SO expensive).
      I am still at the same job, I had a couple of more interviews early this spring but the moment I found out about this pregnancy, the game was over. You know how it is with maternity leaves, I would not qualify for anything unless I work in a given workplace for at least a year. So no looking for a new job at the moment. I am still not loving it (to say it the least) but sucking it up and trying to have the best attitude I can. They pay me well and we have medical insurance through my employer and this is what I need right now. So that’s ok. I am thinking to start looking again in the spring.
      Glad to hear you got a new position, fingers crossed you like them and they treat you fairy. Let me know how it goes once you start. xx

  7. Bethany says:

    Yay, congratulations!! I’m so glad to see that you’re back and feeling a little better. We are a few weeks away from the birth of our first (hurray- the end is near!) so I get how life kind of goes in fits and starts depending on how you’re feeling. I’m happy to read your posts again even if there aren’t any frugal things to report. 🙂

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Dear Renee, All is good around here and great to hear from you. Thank you so much for checking in. xxx
      My precious baby boy, Franco, arrived on January 9th. I am so in love. He is such a sweet boy. I just posted a few photos as well. 🙂
      Hope all is good with you as well. I withdrew from the online world a bit, it was just a bit challenging in November and December as well. I worked till the last day, believe or not, till I was 40 weeks, I was barely rolling myself to work, haha. T. was bravely driving me to and from subway and thank God the R train stops right in front my work’s entrance. Not sure how I would have made it otherwise. Anyway, I went to work on January 5th (Friday) and went into labor on Monday, the 8th. Franco was born in the early hours on the 9th.

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