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A New Blog Has Been Born

 I have been enjoying sharing some of my thoughts, frugal (or not so much) accomplishments, $ savings updates, goals and resolutions as well as a few other random things with ‘the world’ through blogging. Or I shall rather say –  with all my 19 subscribers that I had on my Brooklyn Based Girlfriend blog.

For quite a few weeks now I have been growing a bit unhappy with the blog’s name though, which as a result made me want to update it a bit less. Weird. So I found a solution, I think.. I just ditched it and am starting all over here under a completely new name. I transferred some of the posts I liked or found somewhat relevant to what I want to continue to write about and forgot about all the other ones.

A New Blog has been born

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What I’ve Learnt After 6 Months of Blogging

I just hit 6 months’ mark since I’ve set up this little blog of mine. Whoa! I never imagined I would stick to it for this long. 6 months, 85 posts and 12 subscribers later…

Yes, you read that right. I am going to be honest with everyone here and put it ALL out there. I have 12 subscribers, none of whom are my relatives or friends, meaning there was no ‘convincing’ or ‘threatening’ involved to subscribe ;). Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please know that I appreciate you very, very much.

It has been a nice ‘hobby’, perfect rainy evening activity (such as tonight) and an excellent way to discover some new interesting blogs and e-meet some great people as well.

What I've Learnt After 6 Months of Blogging

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The Identity of a Blogger

This post is prompted by an email that I received recently asking me to replace the photo of my ballerina flats with an actual photo of my face. You know, like other bloggers do. First of all, I really feel flattered that: a). someone took time to write to me with such request which means that someone actually reads this little blog of mine and b). that I was referred to as ‘a blogger’ which I have not thought of myself up until now. Hmm.. I guess, after producing close to 90 posts I can call myself that. 😉

The Identity of a Blogger

Anyway, I have to say I did consider posting an actual photo of myself but I am going to hold off for now. I am fully aware that it is against all the blogging experts’ advice who claim that having a photo as part of one’s ‘About’ page increases readership, credibility and allows the reader to bond with the writer and ‘stick’ for a while. Well, I am going to take the risk of my readership not drastically increasing and my credibility remaining the same whether I keep my pretty pink shoes as my profile pic or if I replace it with a photo of what I actually look like. Strangely, I actually think quite the opposite, I trust that my credibility and honesty is drastically higher when I am not fully disclosing who I am. I am just like you, a next door friend. My name could be Mariana or Molly or Lucy. Regardless of what it is, all the posts are still ‘Me’ and I hope that whoever reads them, enjoys them.

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6 Reasons Why I Will Not Read Your Blog

Recently I read a few posts on the topic which not only were pretty hilarious but also absolutely spot on. Why do we follow certain blogs and not others? Why some are appealing so much that we even subscribe to not miss a post, while others do not even seem worth giving a chance by opening more than a landing page? I have some ‘go to’ blogs that I really love and come back to, if not daily, then at least once a week. I enjoy them all for different, yet very similar reasons; they put forward great content, are easy to read, create a connection between a reader and a writer (and a small community around the particular topic / theme they focus on), they are clean and easy to navigate.

Reasons Why I Will Not Read Your Blog

As much as I know what will make me fall in love with your blog, I also know what will definitely NOT.  My 6 killer deal breakers are:

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My Most Favorite Blogs and Frugal Life Inspirations

I have some ‘go to’ reads that I enjoy immensely. I have a subscription to ‘Forbes’, ‘Inc’ and ‘Fast Company’ magazines, which print some awesome articles occasionally. (Disclosure: I paid $5.99 for an annual subscription to Forbes and the other 2 magazines just started to show up at my door without me ever subscribing to them).  While all three of these provide an occasional inspiration, they surely tend to focus on those who already achieved a high level of financial success. The inspiration is rather short legged; I don’t think I will be a billionaire any time soon..

My Most Favorite Blogs

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