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The Beauty and #Hygge of a Lazy Weekend

I have been enjoying a lazy, cozy, playing it by the ear sort of a weekend. My hubby boy is still away so it’s a perfect time for me to worry just about my own entertainment. And while I was planning to maybe reach out to some friends and catch up, the ‘feels like 8 degrees’ temperatures surely discouraged me from doing so. So we texted and spoke on a phone instead, no rush, each of us from under our own blankies 😉

I also took time to organize my sewing supplies (again). It seems like I am organizing them more than actually sewing with them 😉 but it makes me happy to go through all the fabric again, the thread, the ribbons. I have also been crocheting a little ‘thingy’ for my nephew’s baptism this May. Just a simple, white cape to cover the car seat (or whatever my sister chooses to cover). Once ready I am going to embroider his name on it too. I basically spent both weekend days at home, by myself, doing things that made me feel good.

Basically, this weekend, I hygger.

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Doing Things For Myself And Doing Things For Others

I am the person I am today because of the way my parents brought me up. I had a simple upbringing, focused around living on a farm, attending to animals and growing crop and being a part of the church. Things were very black or white then, not much gray in between. You were supposed to do (or not to do) certain things no questions asked; not that anyone cared to ask in the first place. Things just were what they were, whatever they were.

One of the neighboring villages (Carpathian Mountains in Poland)

One of the neighboring villages (Carpathian Mountains in Poland)

I’ve appreciated my parents’ humble, god-fearing attitude and the way they’ve approached things. Life is good as long as family stays together, no problem is too big to be solved with the power of prayer. I watched both my parents kneeling down every single evening to praise the Lord, to thank for the blessings and ask Him to watch over our family. I remember, as if it was yesterday, my mom praying for us (my sister and me) to have good and caring husbands, non-drinkers (alcohol abstinent) and Catholic men. These were the qualities to look for in a man. The qualities to look for so ingrained in me that even after living in the USA for a few years, I was still declining second dates if I saw a man had a glass of wine with his dinner.

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Caring for Dad

This week has been both so very lovely and so very worrisome.

On one hand the time T. and I spend together in a gentle and loving way that we do, playful banter, evening bike rides and laughter makes me so happy. On the other hand, there is a bit of a dark cloud that just does not seem to be going away, until it does, all on its very own schedule and terms.

My mind has been occupied with other things, my thoughts thousands miles away. My dad is not doing well, he is nearing 80 and while I want to believe he is in an ‘overall good shape’, his body is fragile and starting to decline. He has had a few check-ups lately and seems like not everything looks right.

I have an elderly, unwell parent and I am worried.

Caring for dad

I feel helpless when all I can do is give my dad a call to ‘check on him’, even if I do just that, a few times a day, I am still an ocean away. So T. and I started discussing a possibility of me having to go back to Poland for a few weeks or months, if need be, to help care for my dad. Everything is on the table now.

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On Motivation – Simple Ideas to Keep You on Track

I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired lately. Like a LOT ‘lately’. I tend to put myself on an ‘autopilot’ and just do one thing all over and over again. That one thing being a ‘clump’ of things actually:

Coffee, office, back home, dinner, dishes, bike (sometimes), watch TV, dishes, snacking and more TV, dishes, sleep.

Basically leather, rinse, repeat it sort of thing.


Here I am living in the greatest city in the world, and I feel like I should be taking more advantage of what it has to offer. And I have, to some extent, whenever I would get an offer for free Broadway tickets or a museum pass, I would surely use it. But this is not what I mean. I mean an activity, a hobby, something that would keep me excited and motivated on a daily basis.  Something that I would be happy to commit to and keep improving at.

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Stepping Back is Hard

Stepping back is hard.

T.’s son from his first marriage failed calculus and English class and did not graduate this past May. He would have gotten his associate degree but since he failed two classes, the graduation plans got canceled. He kind of waited till the very last moment to announce the bad news, just in time for T. and his grandparents not to buy plane tickets to fly all the way to California. Well, at least he was aware of that.
Stepping back

Right after the graduation fiasco the young man decided to enroll into a very intense officer training program where he finished week 8 of 10 before he got sent back home due to a physical injury. The intense training definitely took a toll but thankfully he is recovering well, both physically and emotionally.

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On Friendship

There is a saying that one becomes an average of five people she spends most time with. Shouldn’t we choose these 5 people wisely?

For me it is all about having a positive and joyful spirit, even in hard times. The ability to always be able to be greateful, even for the smallest things. I appreciate my friends’ kindness of not unloading their anger or frustrations on me when they are going through tough times in their lives.

Friendships are volunteer relationships, they should be brining nothing but joy and happiness. Even in challenging times. I am finding myself stepping back from a few ‘forever’ friendships. The friendships that no longer ‘pick me up’ or inspire me to be a better person but instead drag me down, make me argumentative and focus on gossip.

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The Job Search Is Over

I just went for it in May. I think I was ready for a change at least a couple of years ago, maybe sooner, but I was not taking much action then. Well, except talking about it that is. It just kept growing on me. T. and my friends heard their shares of me talking about how ready I was to look for a new job, how much I wanted a change, how much I wanted to learn new things. But nothing happened then, I think no one believed the change was actually coming.

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On Taking a Break

It’s official. In the first week of June The PG Girl is giving her two weeks’ notice and quitting her job. It’s been exactly 5 years since she started working at that specific office and 4+ years of complaining, crying, boss and co-workers hating and overall work related bellyaching. While I have been having overall ups and downs but still generally enjoying day to day work activities, The PG Girl basically hates what she does. I’ve learnt to ignore her long txts she sends me throughout a day on how bad it is and how ready she is to leave her office. Basically, the time has come to part with it, there is just no other way at this point. So she is doing it. She is quitting her job.

She is quitting her job AND ‘taking a break’.

On Taking a Break

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A Thrill of Making a New Friend (And Some Ideas on Where to Find One)

These past few days were great. Well, not counting the cold I seem to be catching, but other than that I enjoyed some really good times amongst friends. It was T.’s birthday a few days ago and since he likes to celebrate his birthday for more than just one day, we happened to celebrate four days in a row. There were a couple of dinners we got invited to by two of his best friends (they paid for them too which was really kind). There was a ‘shared birthday’ party that we joined as one of our friends had her birthday just a few days later. Good food, good music, good people – what else shall one desire?

Although I am literally all ‘birthday-ed out’, I have to say I did enjoy spending more time with the people outside of my usual social circle. It really felt like I was making a different kind of effort to carry a conversation, to make jokes, to be more aware of what I was saying. You know, just being more conscious about putting your best self forward 😉

On top of spending some quality time with T.’s friends (‘brothers’ as he calls them) I spent a lovely day with a newly met girlfriend. We even made a trip to IKEA together. We had fun, we joked, we laughed, we chatted about work, family, books and what not. E. is also Polish, around the same age as I am, we both have 2 year older sisters and her and my mom passed away around the same time. We literally bonded from the first time we spoke.

I had not made a new friend for quite a while and really loved how it felt to meet someone new who has a ‘potential’ to become a really good friend. We are already planning things to do together, especially when it gets warmer and we can get out of the house more often. We are planing on taking each other to all of our favorite spots in our hoods and to explore too; just spending time together enjoying each other’s company.

A Thrill of Making a New Friend

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Easy Ways to Empower Yourself

I have always considered myself an empowered woman, quite confident in myself. That is until I caught myself endless of times that whenever someone gave me a compliment, I always found a way to minimize it, instead of saying ‘thank you’ with a smile, I would give some strange comment back.

Her: ‘Your hair is so nice and shiny’

Me: ‘Yea, I really need a haircut and actually I noticed I am getting some grey hair’ (Ugh, did I really just say that?)

Him: ‘What a beautiful dress, really love that color on you’

Me: ‘Actually I got it super cheap and it is my least favorite color. And I don’t like the fabric’ (What??)

Almost as if I felt embarrassed by a genuine compliment, not deserving it or simply not believing it is true. Every time when that happened, and the moment passed, I would feel stupid and question myself ‘what is wrong with me’? Why do I reject good things that others apparently think of me, or the way I look?

Easy Ways to Empower Yourself

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