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Breaking the (online) silence, life is good

Knock, knock.

The last few months have been very quiet as far as my online life is concerned. Once big reason is – I am expecting a baby! I am 19 weeks along and just started feeling first tiny ‘kicks’. Exciting! I still can’t believe it is happening, it all had felt so uncertain in the not so distant past. We are embracing this huge and life-changing event, while also being a bit scared too. Good scared, excited scared.

Very true.
Although I’ve definitely cut down to just one ☕️ a day.

While being pregnant is absolutely not a good reason to completely disappear, the last 3-4 months were very challenging. I basically was in a survival mode trying to keep it together. Posting anything on any of my social media sites was very last item on my priorities list. Now that I finally feel a LOT better, I am catching up a bit on all the updates from my frugal online friends.

To give a little more insight to what happened in the last 3-4 months:

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Easy Ways to Get Into The Holiday Spirit

I love the Holiday Season. I love how New York City literally changes into the City of Magic. Beautiful decorations, music and lights everywhere. Entire families skating in the Bryan Park and Santas Ho Ho Ho-ing on every street’s  corner. I even enjoy full stores, and unless I am in a crazy rush, I have to admit I actually like waiting in line and seeing what others buy as gifts. I just like the vibe around everything ‘Holiday’ related.

Next week is when things will be slowing down at work a little bit. Most of my colleagues held off with taking their time off till around now so the office will be at 50% starting December 15th which is super nice I have to say. While we are still busy wrapping things up before the end of the year it definitely is ‘less crazy’ and I am able to leave just before 6pm this week. I just like when it does not feel like ‘running’ all the time, in December I actually hope to have some more time to ‘stop and smell the roses’, (actually, christmas trees ;).

Easy Ways to Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Now, when I am writing this post, when I look out of the window I see almost each and everyone of the neighbor’s homes dressed up in lights and wreaths (seems like people get their Christmas on the next day after Thanksgiving). So gorgeous, music to my heart. Do YOU feel the holiday spirit yet? No? Read on for some simple ideas to dive full speed into the Holidays!

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Things I Want for my Birthday (and things that I don’t)

This year my birthday falls on Thanksgiving day. How cool is that? 🦃 I will be back home then, spending Thanksgiving Day with my dad, sister, brother in law and my three nieces. We will sing ‘Happy Birthday’, maybe, if anyone remebers! It is just not that much of a big deal in Poland. I grew up not realizing there are cakes, gifts and candles involved. When I came to the US first I was surprised how much of a production birthdays are. Birthday surprise parties, birthday brunches, dinners, birthday drinks and birthday spa treatments. Not just birthdays but birthday-weeks. I have watched (and participated in) celebrations such as dinners, drinks, home parties etc starting on a Friday and ending on a Sunday a week later!


Throughout my childhood up until being a grown up, my parents would always give my sister and me a bar of chocolate for our birthdays. Yes, a bar of chocolate. I do believe it rooted from the times when chocolate (or anything in that matter) was not available for purchase, and getting it was close to a miracle. In the early and mid 80s, during the communism, getting chocolate, oranges, bananas, or any sort of treats was not within an easy reach for a working class family, such as mine. Getting anything beyond vinegar and mustard was almost impossible (true story). I don’t think one can even imagine what a store with just vinegar and mustard looks like. Well, it looks very sad. And yes, while with absolutely zero in stock, all those stores had a line forming starting at 4am (and that included us kids, as well) awaiting for a shipment of sugar, the above mentioned oranges, or toilet paper. All goods were rationed and sold in amounts per person thus requiring everyone in the family to be a part of the process.

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Cozy at Home – projects for fall and winter

While I love spring, summer and early fall, I am not too happy when the days are getting shorter and colder. Winter is definitely my least favorite time of the year, no doubt about it! Well, that’s why I will be retiring in one of these 8 places once both T. and I are ready. Till then I will be doing best to manage my time at home wisely (I am not very social or interested in going out when the temperatures drop below 30 degrees). Gotta keep myself busy and productive. Or at least warm and cozy.


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Things I Don’t Like Doing

There are a few things that you don’t know about me, I am also not disclosing my real name or posting any photos of myself or my family. BECAUSE I am not disclosing who I am, I also feel I can be totally honest. I can type up anything I want. No one will judge me and if they will, oh well. Who cares? My boss or my colleagues will not google me, my family and friends will not feel hurt if I ever say anything about them they don’t like!

Basically, I am blogging safely 🙂

Things I don't like doing

I want that you learn a bit more about me. All of us have some things that we don’t like doing (or are scared of doing) but do not necessarily want others know that. I am sharing a few of these things with you today.

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Simple is Good for You and Busy is Good as Well

I hadn’t stopped by here for 3+ weeks. You may remember me complaining over the summer about being a bit bored at work. Well, as of right after the Labor Day weekend, I complain no more. 😳

Well, being busy is good. Being busy is better than being bored.

Work surely has been plentiful this month; full time of it and more. Sadly, no overtime has been paid but what keeps me going at the office past 6pm (besides my boss) is the legendary bonus that I am due to receive sometime in December. I never had a job, before this one, that paid annual bonuses. I am very much looking forward to receiving it for the very first time. Since I do all my unpaid overtime with a smile on my face, I’d better be receiving a big, fat check when the time comes!

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Things I Love About Fall

Just like that, with a turn of a calendar page from August to September, I start to smell fall in the air. It is absolutely my most favorite time of a year. In Poland starting mid September, for approximately two weeks, we would have ‘Babie Lato‘. Babie lato means a season when, on warm fall days a certain kind of spiders produces an unusually generous amount of substance used for producing webs. The substance gets released into the air, into a warm fall breeze, literally dancing in the air. Spiders’ nets in the air, long and short, a bit sticky, getting caught in fences, tree branches and hair. Growing up we used to sit on a porch, shelling beans or shacking corn, enjoying the view of the nets flying buy.  We would use sticks to chase and catch them; whoever catches more – wins.

love fall

Those times are never coming back, no more sitting on a porch with mom calling us to go back home. Dad fixing his motorbike rushing to wrap up before it gets completely dark. Aunt Marysia attending to the piglets and counting chickens before locking up the chicken’s coop. So much abundance, garden full of vegetables ready to be canned, pickled and dehydrated. Apples, plums and pears ready to be picked and turned into jams and jellies. The farm was full of life when I was 8 years old. Now, 30 years later, the world has changed.

love fall

My grandma’s town, in the Polish Tatra Mountains, where we used to spend all our summer and fall weekends.

Not for better or worse, just for different. The local farms deserted, old neighbors passed, young people left. The fall was always the best time. Time of refilling the pantries, apple pies and camp fire baked potatoes. The memories of those times will always stay with me.

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Natural Winter Skincare – Tips and Tricks

Without a doubt one of the most challenging things for me each winter is keeping my skin in a good shape. My skin tends to be much more sensitive in winter than it is in the summer months and especially my hands’ skin feels irritated and unusually dry. After just an hour or so outside, when I take a closer look at my hands, they literally look like a spiderweb of tiny cracks and ridges. Yikes. I need to fix that. Since I am usually ‘on the go’ and don’t have much time or money for elaborate treatments, I need something simple, easy, affordable and efficient.

I have to admit that I have tried some really amazing products including face and hand creams, body scrubs and body butters. Their only drawback? They really do cost a little fortune. While being frugal and always trying to get the best deal on everything, I promised myself that I will not skimp on high quality and healthy foods as well as good quality skincare. At the same time, while saying that, I am very happy to use cheaper alternatives if they work same or better than store bought products.

I bet that most of the products I am talking about are already in your kitchen cupboards and pantry. Within a few minutes you can have yourself a home-made remedy for dry, itchy and tired skin. Not to mention, if you make it yourself – you know exactly what you are using. Formaldehyde, phthalates and toulene are most common ingredients added to body washes, shampoos and conditioners. Huh? These sound more like dinosaurs’ names rather than what you want to be treating yourself with. So now get yourself some coconut oil, oats, avocados and let’s get to work!

Natural Winter Skincare

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