Cozy at Home – projects for fall and winter

While I love spring, summer and early fall, I am not too happy when the days are getting shorter and colder. Winter is definitely my least favorite time of the year, no doubt about it! Well, that’s why I will be retiring in one of these 8 places once both T. and I are ready. Till then I will be doing best to manage my time at home wisely (I am not very social or interested in going out when the temperatures drop below 30 degrees). Gotta keep myself busy and productive. Or at least warm and cozy.


While we are currently having a few unusually warm days for the next few days in this part of the woods, I know much cooler days will be here in no time. The image above is what happened to us in Queens last January. Brrr.

While being my least favorite part of the year, I like winter for making me appreciate the coziness of our tiny Maspeth one bedroom apartment. Decluttering is very much an ongoing project but I’ve managed to curve out a small space in our living room just for myself. This is where I keep my beloved sewing machine, fabric and a couple of small boxes of bobbins, pins and needles, threads, sewing machine feet, etc. To the right of my desk I have a bookshelf where I keep all my writing supplies, sewing patterns, tracing paper, a few special edition magazines on sewing, crocheting as well as a few cookbooks. That’s my space me T. knows better to stay away 😉

Cozy at home

My cozy corner

During a summer it is not unusual that my desk gets a bit dusty; fall and winter on the other hand are a different story. I am keeping my sewing machine well oiled and ready to work! I am looking forward to catching up on multiple projects this season, projects that I have been procrastinating on since last March or April.

My projects for November-December

1.  Sewing leggings for all of my nieces

I have 3 yards of super soft fleece that I purchased on clearance a couple of years ago. I am going to be using an old pair of leggings to create a pattern and I will then adjust it for a size 3, 5 and 7. Warm and cozy, perfect for winter.

cozy at home

Some of my fabric stash

2. Sewing 3 tutus

Well, whatever I make or buy for my nieces, it is preferred that it comes in ‘threes’. Since there are three of them, very close in age, unless they all receive the same thing as a gift, there are three very disappointed faces.

I don’t have a plan yet as far as a pattern but I am going to rely on Google to give me some ideas 🙂

3. Catching up on Craftsy tutorials

Throughout the years I have accumulated 35+ free Craftsy tutorials which I really REALLY want to watch to improve my sewing skills. I would like to complete at least 5 tutorials in next 2 months.

4. Mastering 3-4 recipes

We are So bored with our staple 4-5 dishes that creating some more meal variety is becoming an urgent priority now. Sometimes there is nothing better than cozying it up under a warm blankie, going through cook books. This fall and winter I would like to try out some new recipes and add some tasty and hearty meals to our steady menu.

brown bag lunch

Fix It and Forget It Slow Cooker Cookbook has some super easy recipes (and is on sale on Amazon now). I actually purchased it last year but have not had a chance to look through all of the recipes yet.

5. Ebay postings

I have 20+ items I have been planning to post on eBay and it still has not been done. I definitely see it as more of a project for long chilly evenings rather than a summer activity (excuses, excuses).

6. Reading more

I am still working on my reading list for this year.

That’s all I can think of right now but I am sure I can come up with a few more things.

Are YOU planning to work on anything particular when the evenings get longer and colder?



  1. Bethany says:

    I do a lot of the same things that you do in the winter. Sewing, home projects, selling stuff on Ebay.

    I love your little sewing corner by the way! How do you keep it so clean?!?

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