Cries From Syria

It is very far from what I usually write about here, on this little blog of mine, but I am urged today to share how I have felt about the latest atrocities by the newest Mr. President.

I am an immigrant. I guess I lucked out being born in Poland rather than Libya, Iran or Syria. But we also all know that none of us had any say in choosing where we were born. It should not defines us who we are or if we deserve freedom and safety or the right to fight for better future for our children.

I am disgusted by President’s actions.

It personally touches me as an immigrant and as a human being.



  1. Margaret @approachingfood says:

    I’m a Canadian, a daughter of immigrants, and find Trump seriously scary. It’s so reassuring to see people like yourself blogging and protesters in airports standing up for human rights and against Islamophobia. People like you are the true America. 🙂

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