Drinking Too Much Coffee and Signing Up for ‘You Need A Budget’

This month I am really trying to get better with tracking our spendings. I hope to be doing less talking about and actually do some more doing. As I previously mentioned, budgeting is a sort of a sensitive topic in my household as my beloved husband thinks that since we live SO frugally anyway we do not need to budget since we still spend as little as we can. I disagree of course because: 1. We are not as frugal as he thinks we are and 2. Without a written budget or any financial tracking in place it is really hard to say how much is spent and on what exactly. After being extra whiney about it raising the topic again, to emphasize how much ‘we are on the same page‘, T. finally expressed the willingness to participate in the budget planning and starting to track all of our expenses.

This is a HUGE win in my book!

Drinking Too Much Coffee

Of course I know that no budgeting or planning will happen if I don’t get on it so this weekend is all about this for me. T. is happy for me to lead on it (dah!) so this is a chance for me to finally get a clearer idea on where we stand financially (we are kinda, sorta still doing our own things). Starting January I have been able to save most of what I’ve made while we have been living on T.s earnings (yes, so very blessed) but I am looking forward to streamlining all of it by creating a budget, setting goals, tracking progress and see when we can finally make some actual decisions such as starting a family, planning the move and hopefully getting a place on our own. We are making some progress here. Hallelujah.

Since April 1st I have been meticulously noting all that I purchased and oh my, is it eye opening or what? 9 days into April and without tracking I would say I probably spent around $120 on groceries, toiletries and whatever else (zero eating out, excluding rent or any sort of actual bills). Well, that would be just me (excluding my other half), and not counting huge grocery shopping we did just before returning from Eater which was March 29th or 30th (so basically April). Thinking I spent $120, I actually spent more like $172. Holly Molly Canolli. Looking at the list a week later I am also realizing that at least 1/3 of these expenses could have been easily avoided. This is why people need budgets, to see clearly where the $$ is going. Otherwise it disappears.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 12.47.44 AM

Do you see what I mean? Surely could have skipped all the groupons at the very least. Eight days into April and $23 spent on coffee? Not good.

So this weekend, after another painful ‘budget date’ I finally signed up for ‘You Need a Budget’. I am so happy. 🙂 It may not seem a big deal but for me it is. The guessing game is over. I think I have no clue what T. is spending? (which so far has been the most frustrating part) Well, now I will have a clue as I linked ALL the cards we are using (checking and credit). Once a card is swiped, it shows in the budget. He also promised to keep all the receipts if he uses cash so I can account for those as well. I am taking April and May as a learning period. First I want to see how much BOTH of us are spending, then I can start ‘adjusting’ expenses to what I think what they should be rather than what they currently are. April is also unusual as we are paying taxes.

One step at a time my friends, one step at a time. x



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