Free goodies for the baby

After finding out I am expecting I started researching what free (or almost free) goodies I can get for my little babe. This is what I have been able to get so far:

Target Registry

If you sign up for Target Registry (signing up and putting a few things on your list is all you need to do. No need to purchase anything), you can pick up from Target’s ‘Guest Services’ at their store a ‘welcome kit’ worth approximately $20-$25. I did not have a chance to pick it up after 2 or so months but to my big surprise it was actually mailed to me. On Target’s website it is advertised as worth closer to $50 but it was definitely less than that.

I received absolutely free:

  • a newborn feeding bottle
  • a pacifier
  • 2 sample packages of baby wipes (10 wipes in each). Not pictured as I used them already
  • 2 samples of newborn size Huggies diapers
  • 1 sample of bio oil (apparently great for stretch marks so perfect timing!)
  • bunch of other samples (including laundry pods, baby detergent, etc)
  • 2 coupons (each $3 off) for Huggies diapers (already used those, combining with CVS discounts, getting a great deal!)

I spent probably half an hour creating an online registry and waiting 2 months for all of this to be mailed to me. Goodie! 🙂

Walmart baby box

This one is not absolutely free as it costs $5 per shipment. When you sign up for the box, they charge $5 for each and I believe it is a subscription for a year and a half and they come every 3 months so 6 boxes total (you can cancel anytime). I was not sure if it’s worth it but I read good reviews and decided to try. You can always cancel after you see what’s inside the first box if you don’t like it. Here is what I received in the first box:

  • a newborn feeding bottle
  • a pacifier
  • 1 sample package of baby wipes (10 wipes). Not pictured as I used it already
  • 2 samples of newborn size Seventh Generation diapers
  • 1 small Aveno lotion sample (I keep it in my purse and use as a hand cream)
  • 1 sample of bio oil
  • $5 off coupon of any Honest Company product (used already)
  • $3 off coupon for Huggies diapers (used already)
  • $3 off coupon for any Cetaphil product for a baby (used already)
  • $3 coupon for diaper rush cream (used already)
  • samples of pre-natal vitamins (used already as well)

I found it worthwhile and have not canceled. The coupons themselves were worth way more than what I paid. Whatever products I purchased using them, I was able to get super cheaply (after CVS save 30% off email, save 30% off baby care email, and, of course the coupons).

Everyday Family

When you sign up with Everyday Family they will send you formula samples. I also signed up with Enfamil and Similac. Honestly I am not sure which company sent the below BUT I received 3 sample cans of Similac (7.2 oz) and 3 formula checks valued at $10 each. I used them all in combination with 30% off email and some ECBs at CVS.  I got 3 cans (12 oz each) for $6 total! While I hope to be able to breast feed for the first 6-8 weeks (this is all the time off I am getting before going back to work), I know that we will need to supplement with formula.

$6 for all these cans of formula 🎉

On top of receiving formula samples and formula checks, the Enfamil website claims that the value of all the products received is up to a $400. I gave them a call to inquire and was informed that this is for ‘participating hospitals’ only. I yet need to find out if NYC Langone Hospital is ‘participating’. If so, and if I follow up I may be able to receive a diaper bag full of ‘stuff’ valued at $350-$400. Nothing to sneeze at.

That’s all I have been able to gather so far as far as freebies.

I also started stocking up on diapers, but only when I am able to get them at a very low price (9 cent or less per diaper is my stock up price). Here is my current rundown (all are jumbo packs):

  • 2 packs of newborn size
  • 15 packs of size 1
  • 4 packs of size 2

Do you know of any legit sources of free / cheap baby items? Let’s share!


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  1. Bethany says:

    The other day I bought a shirt at Motherhood Maternity (clothing store) and they gave me a “welcome bag” with a free bottle, wipes and coupons. There were coupons for baby stuff, but some coupons for Shutterfly as well. Also, I got a box in the mail from Similac that I haven’t opened yet (I’m guessing it has formula samples). I don’t remember signing up for it, but I wonder if the hospital gave them my info. Anyhow, more free stuff for us!

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