Friday Favorites and an Iron Fish

 Is it Friday yet? No? Well, does Thursday evening count?

Long week here at the ‘Casa de Queens’, but also a super quick one, sort of a blur in between work, commute, seemingly never ending cooking and some more commute. It always fascinates me how close I really live to my workplace (when looking at the location on the map) but in between bus and subway it takes me forever* (*forever = 1h). I am trying to read more while on a train though so it is time well spent.

I am still reading ‘The Happiness Project‘ which I picked randomly from my Reading List for 2016. I am absolutely loving it, I am going to even go as far as saying that it may be life changing for me. I am so inspired to make positive changes in my life, so energized. It terrifies me sometimes to think that we REALLY have just ONE life to live. I have doubts at times if I am really living it to the fullest. Or at least living it according to the 80/20 rule. And yet, creating happiness in our own lives takes less effort than we think. Sometimes small changes can contribute to creating much, much happier life.

Check out your library, I promise you will not regret it.

Friday Favorites and an iron fish

And now back to my Friday (or I shall rather say Thursday night) favorites.

1. Learn a foreign language for free

If you are currently learning a foreign language, you absolutely need to check out this amazing FREE site Memrise. Thousands of hours of lessons focusing on vocabulary, grammar and syntax, in a fun way too. Absolutely amazing. The only thing I don’t like is that it offers TOO MANY hours of practice. Ha. Even if I focused on ONLY one foreign language at a time, I don’t think I would ever had enough time to go through all the lessons that the site offers!

2. Fish full of iron

I got the ‘Lucky Iron Fish‘ as a gift and my first thought at opening the box was ‘what?’ Why would someone send ‘that’ as a gift. But then I started reading and am thrilled to share with you the beauty of this giving fish. Each time someone purchases iron full fish for their family, one family in need will be blessed with one as well.

Friday favorites and an iron fish

3. Awesome resources

for creative freelancers, bloggers and small business owners. Bookmark it NOW and thank me later  😉 Click here to get the full, FREE  list.

4. Free quality photos for bloggers

Super smashing (LEGIT) list of resources where you can get beautiful and FREE photos. Bloggers’ dream. Thank you for sharing, Erika (and I love your blog too!)

5. Fave song this week

Jaymes Young – I’ll Be Good. I think I am responsible for half of the views on this YouTube video.

Do YOU have any favorites this week?


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