Frugal accomplishments and a free desktop computer

I had a great frugal week, with minimal money spent on groceries or anything else. I was even able to add another $100 to my Roth IRA although I did not plan on it until September. On top of staying frugal I have also been very blessed to receive some free items that I welcomed with open arms.

Desktop PC from work

I am going to start with the biggest ‘score’ of the year. My office is moving to another floor and my bosses are taking it as an opportunity to update / upgrade all the IT & AV equipment. The computers we had been using up till last week are only 2 years old. They are being replaced with brand new machines and we were offered to keep the ‘old’ ones for personal use. Can you believe some people declined? Well, I surely took mine and set it up at home that very same day. T. and I already have a laptop each but I just really like having a desktop too. I still need to find a good place to keep it (I have a sewing machine on my desk), but for now I put it on a small table where we used to keep our TV (TV is now mounted onto a wall). Oh, the joys of tiny NYC apartments…

In addition to getting the computer I have been able to get 4 additional licenses for Microsoft Office 2016! Each of us at the office has a subscription under their individual email and I knew that each email can activate up to 5 devices :). I am pretty sure no one in the office is aware of that since it does require making an extra step of creating an account and actually knowing what one is doing. Just another perk I am taking advantage of. I put the new software on 3 laptops and the desktop.

Super thrilled!

Free razor and luxurious shaving cream

Last weekend I shaved an inch of skin off just below one of my knees with a cheap disposable razor. Not just that. Approximately 20 seconds later I did an exact same thing to my second leg! Ugh. It HURT! And also bled for most of that day.

I figured I need to get a proper razor. With coupons I could probably get something super cheaply from CVS. But what is better than cheap? Free. Free is much better.

Swagbucks had a deal for signing up with Dollar Shave Club and getting a razor AND a shave cream, one got 475SB ($4.75) back. I am also always logged into my Ebates account and seems like I got some cash back for that same purchase as well. I got 25 cents back. Go figure. I paid $5 for Dollar Shave Club’s Executive Plan, which is their nicest, 6 blade razor, 4 cartridges and a super nice, full size  luxurious shaving cream. I paid $5 and I got $5 back.

I received the goodies and put my account on hold that same day (you can cancel online immediately upon the receipt of your first shipment so you never need to think about it again).

I see that the deal with Swagbucks is over but Dollar Shave Club Club is now just $1 for the first month (you’ll receive a razor + 4 cartridges). Still an amazing deal and you can cancel at any time after you receive your first package.

Anyway, that’s my shaving story for this week 😉

More baby goodies

I received 2 pacifiers and diaper rash cream (all brand new) from a friend who did not use them with her baby. As of today I am at 4 brand new, free pacifiers. 2 pieces for 0-3 months and 2 pieces for 3-6 months. I think baby Ian shall be all set?

Free box of Hello Fresh

I finally decided to get my free box of Hello Fresh dinners using credit they gave me after they totally messed up a delivery and the box was sitting at my door for 4 days last April. My final box arrived last Thursday, after which I canceled my account since I was not that pleased with them after all. But it did make 3 free dinners.

More freebies

  • I got 2 free lunches at work last week, brought all the remaining ones with me to work
  • Found a couple of quarters near a subway entrance
  • My colleague from works brings me a goodie each day from his New Jersey garden. I especially enjoyed the ugly tomatoes which I devoured pretty much immediately as a snack

Wishing everybody a great, frugal week. xx


  1. momsav says:

    I had to snicker at your shaving story. When I was in high school, long before dinosaurs, I shaved before class one day and skipped up a leg. I had 6-8 lines running up my leg. (So sore!) My gym teacher commented that maybe I needed someone else to shave for me! If only…..
    It looks like you had a great week!

  2. Becky says:

    I think those legs look very painful! Glad you got some new razors.

    That is amazing that you got a whole computer, only 2 years old, for free–plus software. That’s so great!

    It sounds like the baby stuff is already getting gathered. That’s really nice, too. I’m sure you are having a lot of fun gathering.

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