Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

Last week had a few slightly cooler days, bringing some relief. Seems almost too early but there is something ‘fall-ish’ in the air already. Fall is my favorite season for sure. The smell of fall flowers, leaves changing colors, pumpkin pies and ginger spice latte just make my heart sing. Even now, just thinking about it, I am smiling 🙂

I am doing well and continue staying frugal as well and seeing the difference between a ‘need’ and ‘want’ in a more clear way. At the same time I am also embracing all the small ‘bumps’ and ‘frugal fails’, since all of these make my life what it is.  Just when I was about to decline friend’s suggestion to go to ‘brunch’ this Sunday, I remembered this article by Mr. Money Mustache. As he says it: “As an advanced Mustachian, Money is your specialty. You are an expert at earning and accumulating money, and not wasting it. … Start feeling rich. Allow yourself to laugh at your occasional mistakes and indulgences.”

I like this attitude. I know what is financially responsible and what is not and I am on a good track. Occasional splurge is what I can afford because overall frugality is so ingrained in me that it makes very little difference in the big picture.


1. Produce for $19

Gotta love the local ethnic stores. Totally ditching Costco for now. While in winter the 9 pack of beefsteak tomatoes for $6.99 seem to be a great deal, in summer it’s a total rip off! A couple of weeks ago I discovered a (sort of) local grocery store with loads of fresh produce. I got strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, tomatoes and what not for $19. Now, if you live outside of New York City, it may not seem like such a big deal, but here? Holly Molly! That was cheap.

frugal accomplishments


2. Fresh mint

One of the things I learnt from my mom is that in extreme heat the best drink to have is mint tea. And it does not get better than if you make it from fresh mint. This week I stopped by a friend’s house whose backyard was literally flooded with mint. He generously cut me a bunch. The tea was amazing and I froze whatever leaves I did not use. Tea aside, you can also add mint leaves to cold water, so refreshing..

3. Gift bags score

Love the season of summer parties that T. gets invited to, mostly for the gift bags at the end of each of them 😉 This summer is not as great but free is free and I will take it! T. is not as gift bag greedy as I am but by now he knows that, if offered, he cannot NOT to take one.

4. Free facial

It is still ‘upcoming’ but an appointment has been made so I am counting it in! It was my co-worker’s V.’s BDay last Wednesday and she got a voucher for a facial (deep cleansing, peeling and polishing – whatever that means ;). Well, turns out you need to be 26 to qualify for the treatment and V. just turned 25. I am surely old enough. How nice it was of V. to offer it to me? Of course I googled the place immediately and the ‘value’ was $350 which I would never, ever pay, not in a million years.

5. New coffee machine at work

Finally. After months of everyone’s begging, it happened. The old, bean burning Starbucks machine was replaced by a super fancy machine that makes 3 kind of lattes, cappuccino, hot chocolate and expresso. All just by pressing a button. Ahhh.. On the first day all 60 of us probably drank 3 cups each, at least. By end of Friday I was so coffeed up, my hands literally shaking. Taking it easy on caffeine this weekend.

6. Did the usual

All the home cooking, lunch brown-bagging and staying away from clearance.

How are YOU doing?

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