Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

Writing ‘frugal accomplishments’ posts is fun. Makes me really appreciate the fact that I am able to outsource things, get them cheaply or even free sometimes. It IS a skill, and not everyone has it. But it is also constant thinking how I can get most (and best) for least. This week is a great example. All the goodies from CVS or a bottle of wine was passed by many until I decided to grab them. Does everyone use soap and face cream? I am pretty sure, yes. Do most people drink wine? Yep. Pretty sure about this one too. And yet while they will most likely grab these at a store at one point this month, no one is taking them when they can, for absolutely free.


1. Free samples from CVS

Look at these! For the record, I did not take all of these at once but over a 3 day period.  They literally were right in front in my local CVS. Can you believe that they lasted 3-4 days? Do people not like free goodies? They are perfect for travel or a sleepover. Yep, regardless the fact that we are in our mid-thirties the PG Girl and I still do sleepovers when the boys are not around 😉

2. Cheap produce (again!) & free wine

I am still going strong with getting produce super cheaply. The Country Boy Market in Ridgewood is officially my main shopping spot for the summer. Another great haul this week – just today I left with 2 bags paying less than $15 for all pictured. On top of that someone sent a bottle of wine to my office and since there were no takers(!) I happily grabbed it.  T. brought a full bag of cucumbers from his friend’s garden. Overall, good times.

3. Fixed T.’s pants

Since I got my sewing machine last fall, I have been able to be doing minor alterations myself. When T.’s pants ripped at a seam I just pulled out my machine and voila! Literally took me 10 minutes and saved $15.

4. Sold some clothing

Ha. After bragging about getting all those great deals at Crossroads, today I actually brought a huge bag of stuff in hopes of selling it for a store credit (store credit 50% or cash 30% so it was a no brainer). I walked out of Crossroads with $29.50 on a gift card and a half bag of clothes that did not sell. Considering none of them fit me well or simply I did not want them anymore it was a great success. I am going to use this credit sometime in the fall; I think I may need another sweater or two then.

5. Did the usual

all the home cooking, lunch brown-bagging, redoing, reusing and recycling. Cooking was a hard part this week due to extremely hot weather. Really, truly, being in the kitchen was the last thing I felt like doing but I sucked it up and did it. My menu was rather extremely boring and by Friday’s lunch I literally dreamt about anything that is not homemade. So I spent $8 on a sushi lunch deal. My God it was delicious.

Frugal Accomplishmnets

How did YOU save money last week? (Not buying a Porsche does NOT count)


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