Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

This week just flew by and I am literally in disbelief it is almost mid August. Honestly, I did not even do too many summer-ish things this year. Usually the PG Girl and I go to the Rockaway Beach and Cold Spring in the Hudson Valley at least once each summer and neither happened this year. Both are approximately a couple of hours away in opposite direction from where we live (mostly because we rely on public transportation to get there) and so far we were unable to coordinate. Each weekend we just make sure to be as close as possible to a reliable AC source and veg out.

Regardless of what I am saying, I am spending much more than I want on coffees these days, just so I can hang out in cafes rather than spend the weekends outside in this scorching heat we’ve been having. I may do an ‘absolutely no coffee out’ spending diet this September-December but I am not ready for it just yet.


Of course, splurging on coffee aside, I had some frugal accomplishments as well. Let’s see how I did.

1. Free Chipotle bowl

I did not use this one strategically. I brought lunch to work that day (as always) but then my boss asked me to join him for all day meetings at another location. I wasn’t thinking and left all my snacks and lunch at our office and for the rest of the day I had a choice to either buy lunch or chew on my arm. When the lunch time came, I suggested my boss that I pick a Chipotle burrito for him and when I did, I picked up my free bowl too. While I hoped to save the coupon for a weekend to have more time to enjoy the meal rather than literally swallow it within 5 minutes, I still was happy to get an absolutely free lunch.

2. Random and absolutely FREE stuff

Do you remember the post about my wasteful friends and T. literally fishing stuff out from their garbage bins to give away? The saga continues. I am literally picking money right off of the New York streets. Well, I am picking STUFF up off of the New York Streets. Just before the weekend, while at work, I saw a truck loading up a bunch of baby products right in front of my building. When I left that evening I noticed that they left a whole lot, mostly because it did not fit. A couple of bags were moved towards the trash containers for trash pick up that same night. What was inside one may ask?

Total of 6 pounds of Enfamil in brand new unopened boxes (retails for around $100?) and 3 boxes of nursing pads for a total of 180 pieces. Whoa!

Total of 6 pounds of Enfamil in brand new unopened boxes (retails for around $100?) and 3 boxes of nursing pads for a total of 180 pieces. Whoa!

Needless to say I grabbed what I could. All of this will be put into good use.

3. More samples

I just cannot not be taking these 😉 I think it is half frugal, half Polish mentality. If someone offers you free stuff, you take it. Especially if you will use it. This week I got more samples of Vichy face cream and T. brought home some sticky notes and a small notebook (that he got at a business meeting).

4. Fluffy and free bathroom rug

Soft Shaggy Non Slip Bath Rug to be exact. It is now on (80%) sale + I had $6.5 Amazon credit so it turned out to cost me absolutely ZERO. Now, that’s a price I like!

5. EBay sales

For a grand net total of $150. In one sale, thank you very much. I sold a travel bag that I got as a gift last year and just used it once. I found out it was worth $365 new and to be honest I did not even love it that much. I just wished I had not used it and kept the price tag, darn it. It would have sold for much more. Regardless, the $150 made me very happy 🙂

How did YOU save money?

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