Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

Hello Lovlies 🙂 Do you know how sometimes, for a no apparent reason, some of your days are just better than others? When you wake up full of energy and you just want to get things done, you get inspired and make an amazing (and Pinterest-worthy) breakfast, the future looks bright and you just want to let the whole world know how wonderful life is? Well, I have one of those days today.

I feel blessed with having so many wonderful people in my life, I am blessed with healthy body and mind, my life is abundant with things I need (and too many of them too), my home is peaceful and quiet and I have the capacity to focus on whatever I want. It is so easy to forget all of the blessings coming our way, to overlook all of the beautiful simple things that we encounter every day. Today I am giving thanks for my life the way it is, although it is not perfect.

I am also thankful for having the ability to manage my finances well. It IS a skill that not everyone learns. I am able to make choices that enable me to save for my family’s future as well as help others along the way.


1. Deodorant Refund

I have been trying to live ‘green’ and ‘organic’ so a while ago I made a switch from ‘regular’ aluminum loaded deodorants to other, healthier alternatives. One of my latest purchases was Kiss My Face Deodorant which unfortunately turned out to be a total disaster. It literally burnt my armpits. After a week of using it my skin got so irritated that I had to stop shaving for a bit. Yikes, I know. In the past I would have counted my loses and throw it away but not this time. I returned it for a full refund of a whooping $5.99.

Frugal Accomplishments


2. Staples money

$5 F.R.E.E dollars. I love it when free money literally just pops up in my inbox when I least expect it. I am not even sure how it accumulated since all the shopping I did at Staples last month WAS with Staples dollars. Can you earn points while paying with points? Hmm..

3. Another awesome Ebay sale

I sold T.’s Ray-Bans. He found them last year, almost brand new, someone just left them on a bench. He did NOT look good in them so I decided to sell them. After all the fees and shipping I made $65.

4. All the home cooking

Well, except 50% off Tuesday Tacos at the Rosarito Fish Shack in Willy. Yum-my.

5. Did the usual

Free kindle and library books, shopping sales, cooking from my fridge & pantry first, reusing and repurposing things.

How was YOUR week? Are you staying frugal?

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