Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

In this post I am compiling 2 weeks’ worth of frugal accomplishments as I missed to post last week. August and September are my busiest months at work (out of the whole year) so I am struggling to find time for anything that is not work related. Ah, the work – life / life – work balance will I ever find you? No major complains but sometimes I do wish to be able to work for myself, make my own schedule and work from another location, you know what I mean. I don’t have a specific plan yet but I sure hope it will become a reality one day.

As much as I excelled at frugality in July, I pretty much sucked in August. You may disagree looking at the long list of frugal accomplishments below, but trust me, my bank account this month is NOT lying. I did quite poorly. Due to 11h+ days spent in my office, dinner cooking or lunch prepping was the last thing on my mind. I purchased (h o ld   i t) all breakfasts AND 4 lunches just this past week. Yikes.



Last Week’s Frugal Accomplishments:

1. Free dinners!

While I failed at cooking at home this week, I ate a few dinners at work. Since everyone is working late, whoever is staying past 7:30pm eats on the work’s dime. I stayed past that time 3 times and got my free sushi, pad tai and hummus platter. All of these days I also brought leftovers for T.  (any leftovers are usually headed for the trash right away so I was happy not to let that happen).

2. Extra $$$
  • I did another ebay sale netting $24. I am already working on our Christmas fund so leaving all that money in the paypal account. I am already at $226 🙂
  • Got $5 CVS ‘Beauty Bucks’ – yay for free store credit
  • $6.5 from Ebates – Yay for free cash
  • Received a $10 store card to Dunkin’ Donuts
3. Fancy tea

My boss got a gift – package from London with 3 tins of super fancy tea. He did not care for it so I took them all home. It came in a (sort of a) picnic basket and I took the basket as well.

4. All these gift bags

All the fancy Hamptons parties that T. gets invited to offer gift bags at the end of the night. To be honest, most of the time a gift bag is the most exciting part of the event 😉 Oh, and the anticipation. The last two weeks were pretty awesome and I scored some t-shirts, sunblocks, water bottles, Luna bars, lips gloss, bathing suits bottoms and a few other quite random things.

5. The PG Girl cut my hair

She just trimmed it but that alone saved me $120. I keep my hair long (up to my waist) so once a year trim / cut usually  works for me.

6. Free weekend entertainment

It surely is nice to have a friend with a boat. Last weekend T. and I enjoyed an evening boat ride and watched the sunset with several friends. Free (well, at least for us) and really relaxing.

How did YOU save money last week?

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