Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

I am literally counting days till next month when it gets less busy at my work so I can get back into my frugal, happy ways. Due to an ongoing project at work that takes up my entire day, every day, I fell off of a frugality wagon a little bit. Or quite a lot actually (per my standards). Picking up croissants from a local cafe three times a week for breakfast, getting a lunch twice a week, I even got a $4.5 vanilla latte a few times in September. Yikes. I am refusing to add all these expenses up but I am thinking I let at least $120 go down the drain. And that’s just in the first two weeks of September with two more to go. At the same time I don’t want to beat myself up too much. As Stephanie beautifully said it, there is a time to save and there is a time to spend. Sometimes keeping sane is more important than saving $120.

At the same time I am still counting my blessings and saving in the long run. I am still going strong with not buying any clothing since April (with the exception of a bathing suit top and a blouse that I got at Crossroads using store credit. As compared to last year’s clothing shopping marathon when I got crazy on clearance (ending up buying too many random things that I later on shipped off to my sister’s), I am doing well.


1. Did not buy anything beyond food

Well, the ‘food’ included all those above mentioned treats (but yea, it was still food). For the record, leaving work at 8:30pm each day I had absolutely no time to even think about going shopping for anything.

2. Another gift bag & another t-shirt

I just love these gift bags coming my way. Seems like all events in New York City have to end with a gift bag. T. went alone this time so only one gift bag (while we usually double up on everything). The nicest part of the bag was the ‘bag’ itself. Nice canvas that I can use for grocery shopping. Really sturdy and literally fits ‘the whole world’. Absolutely love it!

The other item in the bag was the ever favorite gift bag item which is a t-shirt. Ugh. With the ones I got over the summer plus more from work I think I have about 20-25 of them. For the lack of better ideas I will be shipping them to my sister who will then distribute amongst her friends. Well, as long as someone actually wears them, I am happy with that.

3. Bracelets

I received 2 simple, ethnic, handmade puravida bracelets. T. likes them a lot and was very happy when I re-gifted them to him.

4. More free veggies

T. played tennis with his friend today and when was about to leave he got invited for lunch. He gladly accepted and when he was leaving his friend’s wife handed him a basket of homegrown veggies – cherry tomatoes, peppers, squash and more. Getting free veggies makes me happier than getting jewelry 😉

5. Free dinners at work

These are ongoing for everyone working past 7:30pm. This meant free dinner for me 5 times this week. Me getting free work dinners means that T. is buying dinner every night (I think, since I don’t see any dirty dishes in the sink). I am still conflicted on this one. This is a frugal accomplishment for me and a bit of a frugal fail overall.

How did YOU save money?

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