Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

Being frugal is growing on me. It truly IS a way of life. Just like some people enjoy getting more and more stuff, I feel I enjoy more and more when I am getting rid of it. My ultimate goal is to surround myself only with items that bring me joy. Whatever I acquire that does not fit that category, I will either sell or give away. I try to keep my full focus on retirement savings and growing the nest egg. Being frugal and resourceful brings me one step closer to achieving financial freedom one day.


At times I wish I had been more careful with money in the past. While I have always been very money conscious, I definitely spent more that I should have. I have bunch of clothing and shoes in my closet that I don’t even wear, as a proof of that. I have books that I’ve never read, cosmetics I threw away as they went old before I had a chance to try them. On another hand, I realize that very few people are ‘that good’ and stay on the frugal path from their very first paycheck. I feel very blessed that I found so many wonderful, frugal & simple living focused blogs and groups online that serve as a real ‘motivator’ to enjoy life on less.

The ‘Frugal Accomplishments’ weekly series makes me realize that on top of actual paycheck I am also adding to my household in so many other ways.

Let’s see how I did last week:

1. Handmade ‘feel good’ jewelry

In between my posts I may have mentioned that I work for international non profit organization focusing (amongst other issues) on girls and women equality and empowerment. We have received some absolutely stunning, hand made jewelry made by women from Uganda, Kenya and India. Each made with love. Each making a difference. I took a few, they will make great Christmas gifts.

'Women hold up half the sky' - Chinese proverb. I continue to be inspired by determination of millions of women who are lifting themselves and their families out of poverty.

‘Women hold up half the sky’ – Chinese proverb. I continue to be inspired by determination of millions of women who are lifting themselves and their families out of poverty.

2. Store credit at Crossroads

$48 dollars, baby. $48 dollars! I am still cleaning and organizing my closets. Even though I did some major purging last year, it seems like some items hid themselves from my eyes. I packed a couple of bags and was able to sell a few pieces. You may already know that Crossroads is my favorite store where I buy most of my clothing. Well, I am on a ‘no buying clothing’ challenge this year but I am thinking store credit does not count, right? I may need to spend it all sometime soon on a few extra sweaters that I think I need this winter.

3. Staples rewards

I love free money just popping up in my email. I usually shop for paper and cleaning products at Staples and I usually wait for when they offer double points on entire purchase (which they do at least once a month). In no time I got $25, which will provide for TP and PT for the rest of this year. As you can imagine, I am very happy about that :). If you shop at Staples, make sure that you sign up for their rewards program, once you do, you will also start receiving txt messages with some pretty awesome coupons.

4. Beloved eBay

I really do love you so. I am putting up all my junk up for sale and this week alone brought me $75. Keeping all that cash in paypay which is now my Christmas fund. I have more things to post and hoping for a big payout in the next few weeks 😉

5. Did the usual

Bo-ring. But it surely does save me money. All the home cooking, coffee making, reusing, recycling, redoing, and staying away from stores. As or last Monday, V. (my colleague from work) and I are on a ‘no lunch out’ challenge until Christmas. Yep, that’s right. While I definitely do not buy lunch as often as others do, I still end up buying 2-4 each month. With the upcoming trip to Poland (in less than 4 weeks now!) and then Christmas in LA and New Year’s road trip to Mexico (!) I am watching my every penny.

How did YOU save (make) $$$?

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