Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

Remotely related so may as well start with the most important question: What is happening with the market?? Have you checked your 401k and IRAs lately? I know, I know, it needs to stay untouched and best is to not check too often anyway since I am in it for a long haul. Also, market volatility is normal but it surely is slightly depressing to be adding money and ending the month with less than what it was last August and before throwing a serious chunk of cash at it. You know what I mean?

Anyway, I trust that small thing make a big difference so I am always on a lookout how to save, redo or get things for free. Even if it saves me only a few dollars here and there, it surely all adds up.

Frugal Accomplishments

1. Free office supplies

I always, always get these when I can. I just cannot resist. Whenever we have a retreat, or simply rent out a boardroom at another location and notebooks, pens and pencils are provided, I always take at least a few. Last week, after my colleagues had an all day team retreat at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, V. brought back several super nice notepads and pencils. I happily accepted a couple of them. Does she know me well or what?

2. Free lip balm

I am always happy to help unpack all the deliveries when they come to our office, mostly for the reason of scooping up any freebies before a. someone else gets to them first or b. (which happens more often), before they land in trash.

Out of 10 Celestial tea boxes, 3 of them had a magic ‘free lip balm’ sticker. You should have seen me and the speed I jumped on them. Ha. To make the short story even shorter, I ended up with 3 organic, peppermint lip balms. Yes!

And my favorite flavor too.. ;)

And my favorite flavor too.. 😉

3. Free Escada shoes

T. returned from him travels this past week and brought these:

Frugal Accomplishments

Years ago, when he was moving from one apartment to another, he left some boxes at one of his friend’s, getting to them only now, 5 or 6 years later. He has no idea how the shoes ended up in one of the boxes (I am sensing an ex girlfriend maybe?). They are brand new, super nice and ‘Made in Italy’, super soft leather. Not my size so I am going to gift them to one of my girlfriends. She will be very happy!

4. Tea samples

The best part is you can still grab a few free tea bags yourself here
Twinings USA runs the same promotion twice a year and every time I am able to scoop up 6 free tea bags delivered to my door (3 on my home and 3 on my of office address). I usually pick the kind I never head before. It does take 4-6 weeks before one gets them and it is a nice surprise once they actually arrive.

5. All the cooking

I am going strong with cooking all the meals at home. Yep, all breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The only exception was a dinner out last night as T. and I celebrated 3 year wedding anniversary. Even then, we went to a very moderately priced Italian place, skipped appetizers, dessert and had water to drink. How about that? I was happy we spent only $36 for two. It is still a lot for just two main dishes but hey, that’s New York.

How did YOU save money last week?



  1. Melissa L. says:

    How awesome to find those lip balms in the tea! I also requested tea bags from Twining’s. I enjoy tea most afternoons since it is cheaper than another cup of coffee. Plus I actually really like tea (Peppermint being a favorite.) Great job with cooking at home all week.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Thank you Melissa 🙂 I am more of a coffee drinker but trying to slow down a bit and have more tea, especially on the weekends. During a workday – I am still relying on coffee to keep me going 😉
      I hope you are having a great weekend

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