Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

Life is good. How could I say otherwise while I am drinking vanilla latte, soaking up the sun and day dreaming most of the day? I did get some work done this morning, such as organizing my closets and ironing, then a couple of hours of work email but the rest of the day is just for myself. T. is off to play tennis for the next few hours. We are one of those couples that while we do enjoy the time together, we equally enjoy the ‘alone’ time, he with his boys and me with me girls.

Frugality wise, while I do feel that I fell off the wagon in the lest 2-3 weeks (due to 60+ hours at work each week and simply being exhausted to do any home cooking) I am counting my blessing and still coming way ahead of some of my friends who are saving nothing while spending WAY too much.

Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

Last Week’s Frugal Accomplishments:

1. Free $5 for

Do you like free money? Yea, me too 😉 If you download Amazon App on your smartphone and sign in at least once you will receive a $5 credit. Ensure to do it before September 10th. The $5 credit shall pop in your account within 7 days. Easy peasy.

2. All these cupcakes

Baked by Melissa cupcakes are SO delicious. If you ever tried, you know. They are tiny, each is just one bite and trust me, you can eat 20 in one sitting. I got a small package from a colleague last week and it took a real effort to wait till end of day to take them home to share with T.!

3. More t-shirts

My organization loves having custom-made t-shorts for practically any occasion. They all get generously made for us for free but we always end up with literally million pieces of leftovers. This past week we organized work storage and prepared several boxes to be donated to Housing Works. I grabbed a few t-shirts and hats in various sizes. I will add them to the next package I am preparing for my sister. Whatever she does not use for her family will be given away to neighbors.

4. Subway card savings

Those who commute to work by subway will understand the juggling 😉 I am buying a monthly, unlimited pass. My last card expired on Friday meaning that I don’t need to buy one till Tuesday morning for the next 30 days. I just scored 3 FREE days. Yee-ha. It happens a few times a year which together with holidays and vacations enables me to buy 11 cards a year, instead of 12. $116 a year savings.

5. Dinners at work

I am still going strong with having dinners at work. Until we wrap up the biggest project of the year at the end of September, everyone who works past 7:30pm gets free dinner delivered to the office. Whatever one pleases. This past week I was feasting on sushi, hummus and some more sushi. I let T. figure out his own dinners. Considering I did not see any dirty dishes in the sink I am pretty sure he chose to purchase most of his his meals rather than make them. (borderline of frugal accomplishment and frugal fail I guess).

How did YOU save money?

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