Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

I am posting my weekly update a bit earlier than usually. I am away for the Easter weekend and I am planning on taking a bit of a break from my laptop.

This is my very first time of posting a blog entry from my phone, hope all will come up looking fine especially the images. If not, please excuse!

After last week’s splurges on things that were mostly ‘wants’ I was much more frugal this week. But again, I think I actually spent more money than last week since I was also extra generous. I sent $25 to my dad (together with an Easter card) and gave $40 to Doug. Since I am posting this from my phone I am not quite sure how to link to another post  where I wrote about Doug. Doug is a 64 year old Vietnam war veteran and up until recently very much homeless. Now thanks to kindness of many local people Doug has a roof over his head and access to medical care. My coworker L. and I adore Doug. We took him out for coffee yesterday and it did not look like he had much money left from the tiny military check that he now gets ones a month. I literally emptied my wallet for him. I am so lucky with all I have. I was happy I helped and Doug is now ‘forever grateful’ as he says it.

Back to my frugal things:

Fixed backpack for a friend

This did not same ME money but I am happy to keep money in my friends’ wallets as well 😉

V. mentioned that she is about to throw the backpack away because one of the straps tore. I came to the rescue. 20 minutes of some needle work and voilà.

image image

Free Maple lunch

Not sure if the Maple food service is available only in Manhattan or if you know what I am talking about!

Maple is a lunch and dinner service (you are ordering mostly through a phone app). There is some sort of ‘reference’ system and you can ‘forward’ free lunches to your friends. So sorry for being so vague, I have not had time to really look into it but what really mattered is that The PG Girl sent me a free lunch offer. I used it on my busiest day this week which was Wednesday. It was great and saved me $12.

Fabric scraps

The recycling bin at my office building just keeps on giving. And these scraps are ‘made in Italy’ thank you very much. These are samples  (I took the stickers off) and I am adding them to my scraps pile. Now I just need some time to start coming up with some fun projects.


I still feel like a weirdo and dread to be seen pulling things out of the recycling bins so I literally grabbed these and run. I saw so many of these slightly deeper in the bin under some folders. Once I run out I actually regretted not taking more. I need to work on my ‘I don’t care attitude’ a bit more.

Clearanced goodies

I stopped by at a local Duane Reade and picked some goodies at 90% off. The band aids are going to be added to a package I am preparing for my sister (Curad – package of 100!), the hand cream smells heavenly and the psoriasis treatment? My dad tends to get dandruff so it will be perfect for him.


I also did all the cooking at home; that is always good in my book 🙂

How did YOU do?




  1. Renee says:

    Hi Queens Neighbor-
    You have encouraged me to keep a mini log of my frugal accomplishments. Here it goes:
    -Went to the Russian vegetable store on Main Street and found containers of strawberries and blueberries for $1 each!
    -On a busy morning, I waited until I got to my job (Brooklyn) to buy a breakfast special-$2 for an egg and cheese and coffee! Can’t find that in Queens.
    -Asked for a discount at our son and daughter’s daycare. The owner agreed to a $50 a week discount-This equates to a $200 a month savings! I am “forever grateful”!

    I wish you an amazing weekend. Monday will be here by the time you know it. I admire your generosity and I hope you write a bit more about Doug. What an amazing thing to read about New Yorkers giving to others!

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Keeping a log of the ‘frugal’ things keeps me motivated to be finding more ‘frugal’ ways 😉 It also helps me see that even if I do spend a lot of money, I am saving some too.

      Good score on the $50 weekly discount. That’s $2,400 a year! Now, that’s a lot of groceries OR if you are not lacking in other areas, amazing amount to add to your child’s 529 fund. Well done, I am happy for you, Renee.

      I started checking for what the prices of daycare in my area are and they go for $1,000+per month. Is this normal? I don’t have children but I am still hoping I will, so just checking now how much it would cost. My Goodness, daycare is expensive.

      I go to the Main Street in Flushing sometimes (for some reason my local OBGYN sends me to Flushing for blood work and ultrasounds – I think his office is associated with the Flushing locations). Anyway, I do love to see the berries to be back at $1 per package. Can’t beat that price in NYC, right?

      Have a great Easter weekend, Renee and thank’s for stopping by again 🙂

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