Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

I had a super frugal week mostly due to doing a ‘no-spend’ week. On top of groceries and paying bills, I spent less than $7. I wouldn’t have spent even that if T. was not hungry just before a show we were about to see. Basically I spent nothing on my own wants; it was super easy and I am going to try to make every other week a ‘no-spend’ week moving forward.

This week was also full of freebies, courtesy of my work.

1. Freebie Broadway Show

This is one of my most favorites treats. We received some complimentary tickets to another great Broadway show. Since there were not many takers I requested a few pairs for a couple of days. I took T. and some of his friends on Wednesday and on Friday I took my PG Girl to see it again. Her birthday is approaching so it was a perfect timing.

Frugal Accomplishments

2. Free pair of boots

and not too shabby at that! Last year Caterpillar sent us a LOT of gift cards for boots / shoes to purchase on their website. Some of them got delivered to our office and no one ever claimed them. This pair was headed to the storage – which basically means that noone would ever use it. Boxed and put away for years. What a waste. Well, luckily I was there to rescue the boots; they are too big for me or my sister but I will make sure to find someone who will want / need them.

frugal accomplishments


3. Extra $$

I am back to putting things I am not using up for sale on EBay. This week I sold an album that netted me $28. I have a bid for another one too. I also have several postings for items I don’t have bids for yet but I am sure they will sell at one point. Just need to patiently keep re-listing them.

4. Some other goodies
  • Got free lunch at work one day this week and there was enough leftovers for me to take home to feed T. No cooking that night. 🙂
  • Got some free canvas bags from work. I have plenty of them but I keep taking more if there is a chance. I use them to carry lunch with me as well as for carrying groceries.
  • I also got a free t-short (also from work).
  • I boringly cooked all the meals at home. Again.
  • For at least a couple of months I managed to have minimal food waste. This makes me very happy!

How did YOU save money?



  1. Becky says:

    That is great that your work has so many freebies that you can use! I’ll bet whoever got the boots was super excited. And the tickets–what a wonderful thing that you get to do in New York!

    My sister had to go to New York on business a few years ago and wanted to go to a Broadway show very badly, so she did. She rode the subway alone to watch 2 different shows. I was amazed at her bravery and very proud of her. She always was more brave than I am! She had a blast!

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      You are cracking me up Becky! 😉 it’s funny, the subway rides. They ARE the acts of bravery for the first week when u live here. For a New Yorker it is a part of existence though and something we do multiple times every single day. In the ‘single times’ when I would go on late dates after work, riding it alone past midnight was not a biggie at all either!

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