Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

I haven’t been sharing much of any of my frugal accomplishments lately due to a super intense (and successful!) work search. In between working, commuting, interviews, cooking and some more commuting I have been pretty maxed out. I am just letting the adrenaline go down now, I was running on some super powers these past three weeks, that’s for sure!

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I spent more money than usual but I considered all necessity. Most of my early evenings these past three weeks were spent interviewing; I was home past 8pm almost every single night. I managed to put dinner on a table but somehow more often than not, I had it all wrong as far as cooking enough to have enough leftovers for both T and I. Go figure. So I purchased some lunches out and I am sure T. did as well. But that’s ok. It was all well worth it.

Biggest frugal accomplishment? Well, sort of?

1. Significant salary increase!

Sometimes on top of saving more money what one can do best to improve her finances is to start making more. I am starting a new position on June 20th and I couldn’t be happier and more excited. I got a huge salary increase, 15% match towards 401k plus annual bonus.This will definitely not change the ways I am spending money but surely will speed up the process of saving up for a house.

Some actual frugal accomplishments and ways I saved money these past few weeks (to the best of my memory):

2. . Another free board game

I just keep finding these, right on top of a recycling bin at my work. Too bad none of these games seem easy enough to play. Is it just me? Is it some sort of a cultural / language barrier? I am thinking that may be the reason.

Frugal Accomplishment
For now I just keep collecting them, will pass along onto someone who will enjoy them. Hopefully soon!

3. Some freebies

Just look at these goodies:

Frugal Accomplishments

Scored this two brand new, never opened slicer and grater 🙂 Absolutely free.

T.’s friend is moving this week and giving away some things he either never used or will never use again. I happily grabbed some kitchen stuff and T. grabbed an aero bed. It inflates perfectly, I don’t think it was used more than once.
I am actually very happy with the aero bed. We have friends coming from LA in September so it will come handy then.

4. Cruiser bikes

Did you know that Toys r Us sells bikes for adults? No? Me neither! Until I googled ‘beach cruiser bike’. Bingo!

Frugal Accomplishments

Not only these are amazing and oh so comfortable (seriously, you feel like sitting on a throne) but also the price was great as well. Price in store was $160 but since Toys r Us matches their online sale and clearance price it went down to $116 or so a piece! You do need to pull it up on your phone to prove it as they will not adjust the price unless you actually ask for it.

These bikes are so cute, especially mine 🙂 We really wanted bikes to cruise around, so we finally did it. They already have brought us so much happiness.

5. Extra cash

May is when Ebates sends out their checks. I got a nice amount deposited into my paypal account. I also sold a few items on eBay. It all adds up.

6. Wardrobe refresh

I need to be dressing up a bit more at my new job, once I start that is. Where I currently work, the dress code is very casual so my first thought was to go to Crossroads and load up. I mean, a few extra tops and dresses would not hurt anyone, right? I seriously almost made the trip but then I caught myself and decided not to. I have SO much stuff. I was sure I could put together a few nicer and dressier staple outfits out of what I own already. If I really make an effort and go over all my clothing I can save myself time and money. I did so yesterday and am confident I basically have everything I need.

I am sure I had a few more frugal accomplishments that slipped my mind. I am sure I had a few frugal fails too, but even when splurging on things I am doing best to stay aware of where the money is going. There are some things that are not necessities at a time but surely splurging on them saves some sanity and brings a smile. It is all about the balance.

Wishing everyone a great (and frugal) Memorial Day Weekend. x

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  1. Peggy Ann in CT says:

    I was wondering if you had given up your blog since you hadn’t posted in a while. So happy to hear that your focus on the job search has really paid off for you. Congratulations on your new position and for pushing yourself to go outside your comfort zone. Your readers look forward to hearing about your new job in the weeks ahead.
    Don’t give up on the Apples to Apples game just yet. Our family plays if often and we always laugh and have a good time. And what a great deal on the bicycles. You are right in saying that yours is especially cute. All that basket is missing is a baguette and a bouquet of flowers. Enjoy the weekend!

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