Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

I honestly don’t recollect making any impulse buys in June. Some treats, sure, but those were all things that made me happy, all a part of sharing time with friends. A few lattes, a couple of light brunches and two cups of frozen yogurt (the one you can get at Bloomingdales – yum!). I probably spent less than $100 as far as personal expenses during the entire month and spending it to be social with friends really made me much happier than spending it on clothes or extra cosmetics.

Frugal accomplishments? Yep, always on a lookout to save money and trying to stay aware of where my money is going.

Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

Cheap-o UBER ride

This weekend UBER offers 2 rides at 75% off (when you put on the code: JULY4NYC75) I took it on Saturday morning from home to Jackson Heights for a whooping $2.07 (usually $8.5). Taking a bus during a holiday weekend always means hassle so that saved me both money AND sanity!

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Free soup

You know how in NYC while walking 5 blocks you will encounter at least 10 people trying to give you flyers? Discounted mani pedi, free drink with a foot long Subway sandwich, 90% off of a bad quality suit, no thank you.

Frugal accomplishments

Last week, amongst other things I got a few sample baggies of beef jersey, some granola bars and my favorite score: buy one get one free coupon to Hale&Hearty soup place. Yes! I got two large containers last Tuesday and we called it a dinner. Total spent $9.50 or so. No cooking for me plus 2 happy bellies 🙂

Small things adding up
  • I had a few small sales on eBay. Some random things such as a fountain pen box, a board game, sneakers. After all the fees and shipping expenses I made $62 in June.
  • Except weekends when we did spend some money while out with friends, T and I made all coffees, breakfasts and lunches at home.
  • We are visiting with a friend this 4th of July weekend. We do communal dinners with everyone (the house is full, probably 15 guests) but for breakfasts everyone just wants to go out. $17 for a bagel with lox? Caesar salad with chicken for $22? Add coffee and a juice and you have a $100 breakfast for two. Ain’t gonna happen. While everyone goes out to eat, T and I scramble some eggs, chop a tomato and make our coffees ourselves. That costs us less than $10. Then, when everyone is back with much thinner wallets, we have fun together by the pool. Smart!

How are YOU saving money?



  1. robbie @ use resources wisely says:

    Love that idea of eating breakfast for 2 at home. 🙂

    Frugal things – got daughter used book and an email account for her birthday. Did splurge on a girl scout pocket knife however. And you know? She didn’t complain about not having enough. I need to remember that.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      So glad to hear. I think it is all in our heads, that we always need to give more items for bdays, Christmas, graduations, etc. The recipient is usually happy with anything knowing we give from the heart. You are raising a good girl who will know it is not about a gift itself but about spending the time together on her special occasions.

  2. Drew Stuckel says:

    While what we practice is a form of extreme frugality albeit luxurious extreme frugality there are benefits to reap from all points along the frugality continuum. You don t have to have a goal of reaching financial independence, or a goal to save over half your income, or a goal to retire early. Frugality can bring powerful awesomeness into your life at any level. But whether you use Personal Capital or a notebook or a spreadsheet or an envelope, find a system that works for you to track and review

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