Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

Last week was as frugal for me as ever. I am really getting motivated to start investing in the money market by end of this year (never invested before). It is really fascinating to play around with online calculators coming up with different amounts and seeing how much they would be in 15, 20 or 25 years. It almost makes me not want to spend money on anything knowing that investing $100 per month for 20 years could become close to $80-90K. Not to mention what would become of $250 or $400! I am currently researching and comparing (and learning) different ways of investing so I can make some decisions by end of this year.

Just as spending money can become an addiction, can saving money become one? All I can think of today is redoing my budget and doing more research on investing!

Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money


Anyway, back to my last week’s frugal accomplishments:

1. CUPS has blessed NYC with free coffee for a week using their APP. I made an effort every single day to grab a free latte, cappuccino or another godly coffee treat. Considering I went with a large size each time all those CUPS were a saving of $25, costing me absolutely $0 (ZERO). That was a good price. In case I have not said it enough: CUPS – I love you.

Do you want to save $10 on your CUPS plan? Use my CUPS code to get the discount: BCRIM

Caramel salted latte by Caprices by Sophie in Williamsburg was my absolute favorite this week

Caramel salted latte by Caprices by Sophie in Williamsburg was my absolute favorite this week

2. I stopped by at Duane Reade to check out their clearance and found replacement head brushes for electric toothbrush (generic but fitting Oral-B brush I am using). You will not believe when I tell you that I picked up 4 packages (each containing 5 replacement brushes) for .39 cents each. With tax I paid $1.70 for 20 replacement heads. I still can’t get over this deal.

3. I brought all meals and snacks to work, no money spent for lunches. This may not seem like big accomplishment but it is. Those folks who work in SoHo will know what I am talking about.

4. Celebrated my BBF’s BDay last Saturday. I had been trying to make my gifts more personal and hand make them as much as I can. Ania got a beautiful set of home sewn pillow cases, and the gift was very well received. The cost was just the price of the fabric, but since I put all my heart into making them, they really were priceless.

5. Cooked all dinners at home

6. One of my most favorite summer dresses had both straps torn out of the dress bodice. With the help of my sewing machine, I turned the dress into a skirt. New look and $0 spent.

7. While I definitely had better weeks as far as e-Bay sales, I made $18 this week. I also got $5 rewards coupon from Staples, $9 from Ebates and free tea bags (8 to be exact) in the mail.

8. Downloaded a few free e-books for my kindle

How did YOU save money last week?

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