Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

Last week seems a bit of a blur. In between work, running some errands, cooking dinner every night and such I don’t really remember much. Does it happen to you sometimes? Seriously, someone just asked me what I did last night and it took me at least a minute to recollect what the heck I was doing the night before. Another reason I had a mental blank might be because my life is pretty boring right now and all I do is work, cook and drink coffee.

As far as saving money goes, (which is one of my top priorities most of the time), I did well. In a few days I am anticipating a few hundred dollars payment in legal fees so I am trying extra hard this month to save more than usual.



My last week’s frugal accomplishments are:

1. I made $48 from my eBay store

Last week when I reposted the items that did not sell the week before eBay charged me .30cents for each one. I thought I hit the maximum for the month (I was suspicious though since it was not event mid-May. Hhmm) but I went along with it. Then PG Girl made me aware that as of beginning of May eBay charges for each repost?

This stinks. I just had some items that sold after I had been reposting them since last September. If eBay were to charge me every 5-7 days for each repost I would hit negative value with half of my items before they sell. I still have 40-50 items that I am trying to get rid of so I may need to look onto some other websites that charge fee only when stuff actually sales. Any suggestions?

2. I literally cooked every meal at home

Yes, dear fellow New Yorkers, this means breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Now when the weather is absolutely gorgeous, during the lunch time at work everyone heads out outside to ‘grab a bite’. It is really funny how I am the only one heading to a fridge to pull out my last night’s leftovers to feast on.

With summer around the corner, I need to come up with a better system rather than cooking every night. Possibly cooking more at once and having leftovers for more than lunch or start making freezer meals. That may be hard though since all my freezer can hold is a ginormous bag of edamame that I got at Costco.

3. I downloaded a few free e-books on my kindle

I have probably close to 400 e-books on my kindle and am definitely behind with reading. Reading at least 2 books a month is one of my goals for 2015. I made some progress (read 2 books in March and April) but still have not read much in May. I was hoping to catch up this weekend but it did not happen. I spent lots of time with friends though so it was time well spent

4. I scored a few free Simplicity patters

So I was just walking in my hood when I stumbled upon a box of books, old records, and posters. This happens all the time here – people just leave their stuff at a curb. Before trash track comes, anyone is welcome to help themselves. Well, I took my time and searched for potential treasures fishing out 3 Simplicity brand new patterns for girls 3-7 yo. They were still sealed. Considering they each go for like $10, it was an amazing score.

5. I found a few great deals on Amazon Subscribe & Save

Such as Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap, Lemon Verbena, 16 Fluid Ounce (pack of 3) for $9 using subscribe and save option and online instant coupon. Once the items arrive and you do not wish you receive another order, it is easy to cancel the subscribe option (no obligation at all).

6. Received a $25 TJMaxx cash card as a gift

A friend asked me to help her fix a few pieces of clothing (pants hemming and such). I was happy to help and did not expect to be receiving anything (and did not really want anything – I like helping friends!). Regardless, I got $25 gift card to TJMaxx, which is such a nice treat.

How did YOU save money last week?

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