Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

I definitely see a change in myself this year. I am indulging less in ‘stuff’ and focusing more on decluttering and minimizing bringing physical things into my life (and apartment). There are still a few areas that need more work (such as the need to shop for ‘nothing’ at CVS and the need to check out the 90% clearance at Duane Reade even when I need absolutely nothing). Regardless, I am heading into the right direction, and although I never was a big spender I am very keen to get to a point that my needs / wants shopping will be somewhere around 80/20.


Some of my frugal accomplishments from last week are:

1. Returned a few items to CVS

I definitely go too far with CVS sometimes. When I see a good deal (with % off + a coupon + extra bucks), I still occasionally will buy an item or two (or three) if it is super discounted, thinking I ‘may’ need it sometime. Especially for that price. With this  in mind I ended up with 5 or 6 Physicians Formula correctors. They were unused and still in original packaging. I took them back to CVS last Tuesday and walked out with $26 on a cash card.

2. 17 cents toothbrushes

Duane Reade’s clearance shelves literally called my name. I found million toothbrushes clearanced from $2.99 to 17 cents each. I picked up 10 as these go quickly, especially if you have someone staying overnight.

3. Altered some clothing

I really am happy with the sewing machine I picked up last November. Since then I probably saved more than $100 on alterations (torn jeans’ pockets, broken zippers, hemming). Well, either I saved $100 or most likely I would have just never worn that clothing ever again.

This weekend I altered two tops that were too wide for me (I ‘forgot’ to try them on when I got them 2 years go), sewed holes in T’s jeans’ pockets and replaced elastic in one of my skirts.

4. Cooked (some dishes) from scratch

This week was average cooking from scratch wise. I still cooked much more than any of the people I know ever do, but we got two or three meals out. This was due to extremely hot weather and just really ‘not feeling it’ in the kitchen. Nevertheless, we saved on drinks and tips and ordering extras  by making it a main-course-only ‘take-out’.

5. Free

Yipee! Brooklyn Public Library partnered with and EVERYONE with a Brooklyn library card can now have full access to Lynda website. All tutorials with no time restrictions.  Go here to sign in.

Check in with your library to see what free tutorials they offer online. You may be pleasantly surprised. I am absolutely ecstatic about this one.

6. Time with friends (without going out and indulging in ‘stuff’)

As always, I am trying to get out of most paid activities that don’t enrich my life such as after work ‘happy hours’, co-workers’ BDay drinks or paying for outings that cost absolutely $0 if you choose to do them on another day.

This week I saw a few friends over home brewed cups of coffee and home made dinner. I relaxed in a local park reading a (library) book and T and I also got to play tennis on a local, free court.

All in all, it was another frugal week (without feeling like one).

How did YOU save money last week?

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