Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

This post covers two week’s worth of frugal accomplishments due to lack of time last week to post any updates. My work is sucking 50-60 hours of my time each week, leaving me with  little energy to do anything for myself (bad, I know). The same excuse led to me giving in and getting at least 3 lunches at work last week but it was either that or going hungry so I went with the lunch option after all. Around June 21st I also stopped tracking my expenses for the month, due to slight discouragement after spending money on all those extra meals, a few lattes as well as dropping at least $60 at a Japanese market (leaving with a bunch of sea weed and udon noodles for which I have no recipes). I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess, after months of tracking expenses and allocating every penny, I just felt like throwing some money away. Ugh.

Frugal Accomplishments

Regardless of the above, I did have some frugal accomplishments as well

1. Salvaged and gave away lots of stuff

You can read more about this here

2. Went on a 2 day retreat

Well, it was a work retreat but it was really fun (and fully paid for) which also meant no cooking for 2 days. Together with 12 colleagues I went to a very pleasant little town of Lambertville in New Jersey, where we stayed in one of the local bed and breakfast Inns located (hold it please) on a farm breeding alpacas! Yep, I definitely am giving up on a pony and want one of these:

These guys were not too keen to pose for a photo.

These guys were not too keen to pose for a photo.

3. Entertained myself for free

This included library books, free kindle books, playing tennis a couple of evenings and reading my favorite blogs’ updates.

4. Free $25

I finally cashed out Swagbucks points for $25 PayPal credit. This one took me 3 months but took no effort on my side so literally free money.

5. Sold some junk on Ebay

and made $73. Your trash is literally someone else’s treasure.

How did YOU save money this week?


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