Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

So far so good. As far as frugality, July is my best month so far this year.  I think the key factor is bigger than ever motivation to become financially independent at some point in my life, hopefully before the ripe retirement age of 60. I did a lot of calculations, budget wise, and as of this month I am increasing the amount that I want to save (and invest) each month to 50% of my paycheck. This includes the 401k allocations, since these $$ are savings too, just taken automatically before I even see them.  At the same time, I realize that ‘life happens’ and the 50% savings probably will not be possible at all times, but for now this is the plan. Phew. Let’s do it!

Frugal Accomplishments

1. Free bagels and lunch (twice) at work

This week was so busy at work, it’s crazy. I think I say it every week, but this one really was a killer. At the same time, I know that August & September will be even busier so I am bracing myself for that already. In the meantime, to make it easier on us and get some excitement from everyone, the ‘bosses’ were ok with ordering a couple of lunches and bagels for breakfast.

At the end of the day, there was still so much food left that I packed a ‘doggie bag’ for T. and that’s what I served for dinner. It was a great idea since I found out next day that whatever was not eaten was trashed anyway.

2. Shoes for Doug

Do you remember my post about my friend’s move? I kept one pair of the previously trashed shoes for Doug. If you are sometimes in SoHo (corner of Spring and Lafayette to be exact), you probably have seen Doug many times. Doug is in his mid 60’s, a Vietnam War veteran and one of the thousands of homeless people that live on the streets of Manhattan. I struck a conversation with Doug a couple of years ago and he melted my heart immediately. Since then I always try to help him out occasionally, whether it is a few dollars for a soup, bottled water or some clothing that T. does not wear anymore.

Doug was very, very happy to receive these.

Doug was very, very happy to receive these.

3. Turned PG Girl’s dress into a skirt

Well, this is a frugal accomplishment for both  of us ;). I turned PG’s dress into a skirt and she gave me a bottle of face make up remover and a few face masks samples. Win-win.

4. No meals out

Not even one. I have to say, this is getting easier and easier. I am trying to expand my cooking repertoire so we don’t get bored with having the same 4 things over and over again.

5. Sunday brunch turned free picnic

PG Girl and I are spending the day together (we are sitting at the Bean Cafè as I am writing this). I took crackers, cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers from home so we had lunch in the park. The weather is absolutely glorious, sunny and hot but with a light breeze. As long as one is staying in the shade, this is a perfect day.

6. Free ink

I forgot (can you believe this?) to use $14 Staples rewards and a few days ago I got an email saying that I have a ‘grace period’ to use is plus got $6 bonus making it a whooping $20. I also had $10 off of any ink which meant FREE ink for my home printer. One set usually lasts me for a year. Score!

How did YOU save money?

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