Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

Can’t believe I was just putting one of these posts together and already working on a next one. Time surely flies this summer. Mid July already? What? What happened to June?

This week was great. I took 5 days off from work and just did some ‘living’. Slept in, read, went to a cafe in a middle of a work day (haven’t done this for years), cooked, cleaned, organized and took a loooot of naps. Let me tell you, it is very nice, whenever you have the 2:30 feeling (and I pretty much have it every day), that you can just drop everything you are doing and nap. I did not nap like a pro however, it will take more practice 😉

Anyhow, I wasn’t as frugal as I usually am (all these cafes and a couple of $9 ‘lunch deals’ add up) but still I did well.

frugal accomplishments

1. Got 2 FREE tickets to see Christina Perri and Colbie Caillat

The PG Girl and I had a great time (not counting complaining about aching back and feet). The free tickets literally landed on my lap thanks to my boss’ friend. Throughout the last 4 years I have scored countless free tickets to concerts and Broadway shows. (I shall probably count these as part of the ‘benefit package’ alongside the health care. Ha).

2. Got ORGANIC strawberries super cheaply

This never happens in my hood. Last Wednesday I found (hold it, ladies) organic strawberries clearanced to 50 cents a package! This past week was super hot so some of the stores decided that getting rid of produce cheaply is better than keeping it at $4.99 and letting it go to waste. May you be blessed, good people. I got 10 packages, froze some berries for smoothies and made some delicious freezer jam with the rest. I only waited a couple of days before digging into the first jar so kind of regret not getting more. Fingers crossed the deal will come back this coming week.

3. Turned vacation into staycation

This is not often that I take a week off in summer but since I accumulated so many days off (and don’t get paid for them if unused) I decided to just go for it. Well, since I went away in April and am planning to travel to Poland sometime this fall or winter, spending money on another vacation right now is just not an option. I am actually having a great time staying local and spending no money (ok, maybe not ‘no money’ but probably 95% less than what going away would cost 😉

4. Baked bread

All of the frugal ladies whose blogs I am reading have their favorite bread recipes. As I am on a staycation this week, I am spending more time in the kitchen and I am so proud of myself that I baked bread and it tastes delicious (for some reason I expected it to be a total flop). I am highly encouraged and have lined up a few more recipes to try out in the next few weeks. My fave is Stephanie’s soft french bread (I ate half a loaf myself before it even cooled down) and Elise’s no fail sandwich bread is not far behind it. I am planning on baking 90 min man bread next. Seems super simple (and keeping it simple is what I want)

5. Got 2 crowns on my teeth

for half price I what I thought it would be. It has been at least couple of years since I knew I needed them but just couldn’t bring myself to spending $1,300 each. Yesterday I spent $550 for both thanks to my new dental insurance. This one is a real blessing. I am so glad I double checked with my insurance – make sure to find out what your insurance covers as well. You may be nicely surprised.

While I am thrilled that I moved forward with the crowns, this means that my plan of saving 50% of my paycheck this month will not happen. I am planning to start with this plan again in August.

6. Lost and found grocery bag

Could have happened to anyone I guess. So, I got myself onto a bus with literally 17 shopping bags of groceries (mostly due to the above mentioned strawberries clearance), leaving one on the bus when I got off. The bus drove off only to stop 5 seconds later with a nice gentleman sticking his head out of the door, shouting loudly “hey, you forgot one of your bags!”, handing it back to me.

Are YOU staying frugal?

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