Frugal Accomplishments and Some Freebies Too

For the last two weeks my mind just has not been where I wanted it to be. May it be the Holidays and missing my family back in Poland or longing for something it’s hard for me to describe. I am missing more spirituality in my life, more meaning in my days, having something more besides 10 hour work days, commute and cooking. Add to it cold, gloomy weather and a finger infection and I found myself in a bit of a black hole.

Basically all I wanted these past several days is coming back home, turning on ‘Chopped’ or ‘Forensic Files’, sneaking under a blanket and vegging out. Oh yes, hot cocoa in hand, too.

The black hole symptoms got almost entirely wiped out when I landed at LAX this past Tuesday night though. The sun and nature surely have a way of brining one’s spirits up.

Seems like most of my updates lately are just the ‘frugal accomplishments’ so here it goes again. While I am impatiently awaiting for work’s end year bonus (still not sure how much I am getting, but of course any amount will be SO nice), I continue to do best to get most of the $$ I spend.

1. I saved on prescription

I am also happy to report that my last check up showed no progress on endometriosis and T. and I will finally start trying for a little one. I received a prescription for prenatal supplements and was quoted $65 for a monthly supply  😳 The pharmacist advised that whatever I was prescribed can be easily replaced with regular, over the counter, parental supplements plus some extra folic acid. I am glad I asked! CVS ran a buy 1 get 1 free promotion so two month supply cost me a fraction of what I would have had to pay.

$20 for a 2 month supply vs. $65 for a monthly prescription.

2. Yay for free books

I love books 📚 do Holiday work parties with free books as favors are my kind of parties. 🙂

Freebies 🙂

I surely wish I got over the excuse of not having enough time to read. I will, one of these days.

3. And gift baskets too

I loved when a gift basket full of Polish goodies arrived at work. Pure coincidence? Luck? There were not many takers so I snugged most of it into my desk drawer. I also sent my dad a photo of the basket through WhatsApp. He was very pleased to see that all these familiar to him goodies made their way from Poland to New York City  😂

Yum yum yum

4. Saved wrapping papers and ribbons

Do you do Secret Santa at work? Look what I got! I was thrilled, someone must have really listed to me when I mentioned I am a beginner sewer. Well, I spent the same amount of $$ as what I got in return so nothing frugal here but of course I saved all the ribbons and fancy wrapping papers. Not just mine. My gift wrappings ‘stash’ is growing nicely.

5. I shopped wisely

Black skinny pants / leggings are my favorite work clothes choice. Not too casual and not too fancy. The 2 pairs I own have been serving me well but I knew I needed another pair soon. Voilà, Crossroads Trading came to my rescue. I got beautiful Maje brand pans still with brand new tag. Holly molly $18.50 for a pair that retails for $350? I’ll take it! Amazing quality and they fit me like a dream.

That’s it, that’s a whole update from last week. I hope everyone is having amazing Holiday Season, full of family and friends time.

I know you all are staying frugal and shop wisely as well. Let’s start 2017 with no Christmas debt! Xx



  1. lisa says:

    I can totally relate to how you have been feeling. December is a super busy month at work and I have been working long hours. Its just not the way I want to live.

    What a great deal on the pants!

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Ugh. I feel you. This is NOT the way I want to live either. We are trying to save us as much as we can to have savings for a home downpayment and some money to cover expenses for some time and basically leaving New York City for a lower cost of living area. NYC is just too stressful for us at this point.

      I hope it slowed down for you a bit by end of this month and you are getting a breather, Lisa. xx

  2. Becky says:

    You got really nice sewing books for your gift. I love to sew. You are going to enjoy learning more and more about it, especially when your little one comes along. It’s great to practice on baby things–they move around a lot, so even if it’s not perfect no one can see little mistakes–at least I always tell myself that:)

    That is super exciting news! I hope it happens quickly for you, now that you’ve decided to take the plunge into parenthood. Although I do not know you except for the internet, I feel very happy and excited for you.

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