Frugal Accomplishments – part 2!

I know I just posted my ‘frugal things’ for the week but here it comes – part 2!

Free pizza 🍕

Every Monday my office orders lunch for everyone. While I usually hope for sushi, this Monday (today!) it was salads and thin crust margarita pizza with fresh basil and mozzarella cheese. Just when I was about to leave for the day I noticed there was one pizza box left ready to be trashed once the cleaning team comes (my office has a hotel sized fridge and NOTHING can be stored overnight). Let me assure you that all 6 slices made it safely to Maspeth tonight. Although T. is a bit fussy about having pizza for dinner (now that he is very much into juicing, smoothies and kale salads). Free pizza is nothing to snooze at in my humble opinion. Shall I also add no cooking time and no dirty dishes tonight? Thank God I have 51 votes in this household –

Frugal accomplishments

Hand made repairs

Now that summer is over I am finally (slowly) getting to my sewing pile. For some reason it just never happens over summer. Sewing is definitely my fall activity. Nothing major, some lost buttons, some hemming, some torn pants’ pockets. Mostly for the Mr.  and I am glad he is checking in with me first before taking all that stuff to a seamstress (like he used to).

No food waste

Except for fresh produce and dairy I really am doing best to use up what I already have. For some reason I always seem to accumulate several types of flours, legumes, dried fruit, jams, etc. It is good to have it all as part of food storage of course, but at one point I actually hope to start using it all without adding new items. A sort of a rotation, I guess.
We live in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment and my only storage area is a two shelved cupboard. So I need to use that space wisely. Nothing new comes in unless I use up at least 1/3 of what I already have. Deal?


eBay has not been my friend lately and I kept reposting my 6 items for the last 5-6 months. Finally 2 days ago I sold an item netting $142. It was a video doorbell system that T. got as a gift and that we definitely will not use. I definitely can use the $142 though. 💰

I need to declutter again, I am sure I can sell more things we are not using. More updates to come as I sell along 😉

Keeping it fun and cheap
Frugal accomplishments

Seen in Far Rockaway Beach

I mean, T. and I literally had the best weekend spending $8 while at it. That included amazing beach day at Far Rockaway beach, T. was surfing and I was ‘beach-ing’. With all the fall weather coming in, I actually got 3 hours of sunniest of suns and wore a bathing suit and all. We then shared an arepa, sipping water from our ‘bobbles‘. We walked around, people watched, plane-landing watched (JFK is super nearby) and enjoyed the ocean. What a day!



  1. TJ says:

    Can’t argue with free pizza! I mail ordered some frozen New York pizza from a company I saw on Shark Tank. It was so delicious but pretty expensive. Unfortuantely no cheap way to air freight perishable food from NY to California. 🙁

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