Frugal accomplishments and No Spend Month – week 4

January came and went (well, almost). To me, it was a long month, on one hand, and a super quick one on the other. I am literally counting days till spring already so I do not mind that the weeks are literally flying by.

My sister is giving birth on Tuesday so we are all on pins and needles. After three girls, finally a baby boy is joining the family. Everyone is thrilled and cannot wait to meet the little guy next week. And me? Well, since I am a few thousands miles away, I am extra thankful for WhatsApp and Skype!

I am still going through a bit of a ‘down’ time but trying to lift my spirits with small things that give me pleasure. Whether it is a bubble bath, hot cocoa, yoga (to the tunes of YouTube) or re-organizing my fabric stash again – I am doing all I can to get myself out of this winter rut. I am also trying to be a bit more social, although all I want to be doing is literally cover myself head to toe with a blanket and veg out on my couch watching Gordon Ramsey. I do have a bit or crush on him though so I guess that’s fine, right? 😉

This is the winter rut I am talking about. This is what NYC has looked like for the last 3-4 weeks. This is a view from my desk at the office.

Money wise, I am not sure if I did well by all the frugal standards. I surely have been trying to literally buy nothing (except groceries) but had some not so frugal expenses regardless.

Hey, for example –

I spilled a mug of coffee on my pillow. Like a full size mug, full of coffee. In the morning, 2 seconds before we had to rush out for work. Throwing it into a washing machine was not an option, since we don’t have a washing machine. I put it in a bathtub instead but had no time to put more than a couple of gallons of water for it to soak in. When I actually washed it 2 days later it looked pretty bad. On today’s trip to Costco I just grabbed 2-pack of pillows for $14.99. They are so nice and fluffy, I think it was truly meant to be. The stained pillow was 10 years old and I hated it anyway. Hmmm… was that frugal? I sure could be using the stained pillow and put a cover on but the new set really makes me happy. I got a great price and the old shabby pillows needed replacing anyway, I literally squeezed life out of them.

After a month of the ‘Non-spend January‘ I think I actually had a regular frugal month but it was definitely NOT a ‘non-spend’ month.

I did well in a usual frugal way though:

I found a hat on a pavement. Run over and stepped on but looks great after I gave it a washing 🙂 I am adding it to a package I am putting together for my sister. One of the girls will love it.

I made more turmeric and vitamin C capsules again. Trying to stay consistent and actually take them every day.

I couldn’t pass by a great deal on body lotion and lip balm at CVS –

Yes, with coupons I paid for all of it $3.86. This body lotion will last us for a year I think.

  • I did some hand laundry and ironed myself, even though the tags say ‘dry clean only’
  • I returned a few things to Trader Joe’s
  • Had free lunch at work on Monday and chose sushi – my absolute favorite food on this planet
  • I worked late twice this week. Like 9am – 10:30pm. Ugh. Not pleasant but my boss pays for dinner and UBER back home if one works past 8pm. I took advantage of both on both days.

How did YOU do?

Wishing all my frugal friends a great week. xx



  1. lisa says:

    Wow! You did get a great deal at CVS. It sound like you had a great week and month. I hope you were well paid for such long hours.

    I will take your suggestion and post some of my projects….I was hoping to work on them this weekend, but we have had car issues and ended up buying a used truck for my husband and taking the car for my nephew to fix up and sell. He put it on Craigslist tonight and it looks like he has already got a buyer. He lives about 100 miles from us and my husband forgot the title today. So, we will be making another trip down to his place tomorrow!

    I may stay home and sew….

  2. Becky says:

    I can see why that view might get old after a while, although I did enjoy seeing it. It is so different than where I live. I’m a country girl at heart, so enjoy looking at your view, but would have difficulty living there. And, boy, you’ve gotten to look at it a LOT lately, working that late. That’s crazy! I’m hoping that you got overtime as well as dinner and the Uber.

    I figured out Uber for the first time on my recent trip to San Francisco. Seems silly, but it’s the first time I’ve ever had an occasion to use it and I felt proud of myself for figuring out which things to tap on the app to get one for 5 people. It just proves that you can learn something new every day for your whole life long! I was also struck with the huge difference in big city living from my way of life in a much smaller town.

    The hat is cute. What a find for your niece. Congratulations on your new nephew. I hope you can plan a trip to see him before long.

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