Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

Frugal Accomplishments Fails and Ways I Saved Blew Money

Um, let’s be honest here for a moment, shall we?

Just so everyone* knows (*everyone = all of my 20 readers / email subscribers), I do not live all my weeks being perfectly frugal. I swear that sometime money literally just walks out of my wallet without me knowing. Or without me agreeing to it. Let’s take this week as an example.

Starting off motivated. T. is still away so I am challenging myself to minimal grocery shopping, using all I have on hand, in fridge, freezer and pantry. Well, by pantry I mean a two-shelved cabinet (if you live in NYC you’ll understand). The cabinet is stuffed with organic oatmeal, quinoa, pasta, rice, flour, beans, canned tomatoes, chicken stock, fancy schmancy pancake mix, powdered milk, spices and some other random goodies. In the fridge I still have 11 eggs, small milk, some parmesan cheese, sour cream, 1 lb butter, loads of carrots and some celery sticks. The teeny tiny freezer is almost empty but I still see some chicken thighs and a couple of baggies of frozen spinach. You would think I can survive on this for a week, right?


Then off I went to pick up some bananas and a few apples. I like to chop them up into my oatmeal while cooking which makes the oatmeal a lot more more ‘user friendly’. Well, this is what happened:

Frugal Accomplishments


I forgot I already had eggs at home, I did not need granola (I already have a 5 lb. bag of oatmeal for Lord’s sake), yogurt was crazily overpriced and the ‘buy one get one free’ strawberries turned out more per package than if I had got them at another store . I also picked up Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and a package of bacon. Bacon? I guess I have not shared with the world yet that at my annual last month my cholesterol turned out to be quite high so bacon definitely is NOT my friend. Neither are the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.

This is what happens when you shop for bananas and apples on an empty belly. Actually, as you can see, I forgot the apples.

I said goodbye to $30.

Well, that’s not all. I am just getting started here my friends.

A couple of days ago The PG Girl wanted to go to the Atlas Mall in Rego Park. She wanted to get a pair of flats at the Payless store and since I had a car that day, I said ‘why not?’ and so we went shoe shopping. I did NOT need any shoes and yet I ended up with 2 pars of flats myself. How? The last thing I thought I needed that morning was yet another pair. $19.99 each. Plus $3 parking.

Bye bye $43.  Again, not much planning here.

They are cute though.

frugal accomplishments

At this point I am also sure that my coffee maker needs to be replaced. No matter how much coffee grinds I put in, it still comes out diluted. Tastes awful. This past week I purchased a cup of coffee every single morning without fail. Sure it was only $1.25 at the Metropolitan M Train stop deli but it does add up. Plus I do want to make it a point to buy coffee only when I socialize with friends over a weekend and not make it a daily happening.

As I look at the past week I am pretty disappointed with how easily I blew money without giving it much thought.  Oh well, I am off to a fresh start tomorrow. Some weeks are just better than others.

How did YOUR week go?



  1. Mary says:

    That comment about your 20 readers cracked me up! You have to work hard to get any readers. I’ve been blogging for years and 20 readers is a great accomplishment. I can identify with your trip to the grocery store, I went to grab a few healthy snacks today and spent $80 at whole foods. Ugh that gets annoying. Great post 🙂

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Well, it is SO easy to spend $80 at whole foods walking out with just a few things. Been there done that 😉
      Totally agree on the reader numbers. Considering none of my family and friends I am ‘blogging’ and none of them following me here, I think 20 subscribers is an excellent number.
      Wishing you a great weekend, Mary. X

  2. Joanna says:

    I never liked Payless Shoes as they were usually not comfortable, made of really bad materials that made my feet hurt… But since they have this “dexflex comfort” or whatever it’s called inside, I buy the flats and wedges (and also champion sneakers for my preschool kids whose feet are growing every 3 months so I don’t want to spend lots of money on shoes but at the same time want something really light and comfortable)… those dexflex shoes are sooo comfortable and cheap… I actually just bought flats and 2 pairs of sneakers for kids last Sunday in Atlas Mall Payless 😉 I spent a little less than $50 on those 3 pairs by using 20% off coupon from one of the latest smart source or red plum coupon booklet…

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Yes to all what you just said Joanna! 🙂 reality is that most of the shoes at Payless indeed are made of super cheap materials and I would probably not buy anything if I wanted quality that would last me for years. But flats for a season? Yes, please. The ‘deflex’ kind IS so comfy, agreed. It’s like you are wearing nothing.
      Always so nice to ‘meet’ someone local here on the blog. We are probably neighbors. Love the Atlas Mall and how clean and ‘uncrowded’ it is.
      Have a great Easter weekend!

    • Glenda Rainbolt says:

      My mother always told me she would rather me have only one pair of good shoes than ruin my feet when I was a child. I have absolutely no foot problems at age 58, I did the same with my kids and they also have no foot problems. Rather spend more money and them only have one pair of shoes for each size they grow than a lifetime of bad feet problems.

  3. Becky says:

    You have had a week like mine! I spent more money than usual. We are selling our house, and keep needing to leave. So, every time we leave, we spend money, it seems. I have planned for this, but it still is so opposite to the way we like to live that it makes me uneasy at times. One way we have burned a lot of money was eating out or getting take-out to bring home so that we aren’t messing things up, so we can put it back perfect, so someone else can come and look at it. I am very encouraged that people are looking, though, and consider this a part of selling the house.

    It is wonderful that you can call your family so often. That is such a benefit of modern technology that didn’t exist in the not-so-distant past. It must make it a tiny bit easier to be so far from them.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      I have been following your home selling journey, Becky. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. Seems like there is a lot of interest. 1000 hits on Zillow in a week? Amazing!
      Eating out during house selling period (due to having to leave) is something you cannot avoid sometimes, it was brilliant how you saved all those gift cards to use for that reason.
      Love how even in the busiest of times you still are making your kids a priority. I am sure Patsy had a great time at the ZOO
      Wishing you a wonderful Easter. X

      • Becky says:

        Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful Easter, too. We usually host between 20-40 friends and family for Easter. This year, we are not going to. For one, a bunch of my family are gone to Mexico on vacation. Second, I don’t want to mess up the house, after all it took to clean it. So, we are going to church, and then driving over to the beach. It will be very different, but fun, I think!

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