Frugal Accomplishments And Ways I Saved Money

Another busy week here in the Queens’ Land (Queens, NY, not Queensland, Australia 😉 I always tend to say that ‘busy is good’ but between you and I, I am secretly hoping that the busy will be slowing down a bit. I just find myself at work all / most of the time and although it does sound like an excuse, I really, truly have no time for anything else. The ever growing pile of sewing projects is almost as big as the ‘ironing’ pile. I am slowly losing hope I will ever get to either of them.

With Ts’ birthday last week (and a week’s worth of celebrations) all I remember doing is being at work and then immediately after that being ‘out’ doing ‘the birthday thing’. Saying that, my boss is traveling so I am hoping for a slower week, especially that I just found out that the cold I have been catching actually turned into bronchitis.

Regardless of being busy or not, I am always trying to save money whenever I can or simply get things for free for my little household.  This past week was great, even though I have to admit that because of all the birthday outings I had zero time for cooking dinners and prepping lunches. I ended up buying 1 breakfast and 2 lunches. I decided that my well being was more important than saving every penny and I would not be skimping or starving simply because I brought nothing to eat to work. Oh well, I am keeping in mind that I already spent more than 50% of my monthly allocation for ‘personal spendings’ and I am ok with that.

Frugal Accomplishments And Ways I Saved Money

Frugal accomplishments and ways I saved money last week:

1. Cake

My office received a huge and delicious cake (along with some cupcakes) made by Magnolia Bakery (the best in NYC I dare to say). It arrived when most of my colleagues were on a retreat so only 1/2 got eaten. The other half? It would have probably be trashed if I did not step in (which I happily did).

I saved 7 slices which I brought home and froze. Yummy!

Yes, it is a 'penny' image on top. #luckypenny

Yes, it has a ‘penny’ image on top. #luckypenny

2. Sushi dinner

A friend of ours dropped off his puppy for an evening for us to watch. Just that was a special treat to be honest.

As a thank you (which was totally unnecessary) we got invited to a sushi dinner the next day. It was perfect as I was working till 7:30pm that night and had no clue what I would be making for dinner.

3. Pregnant belly cast

Oh my. Ok, I will keep it for a bit hoping that it will be ME who will use it.

If you read any of my previous ‘frugal accomplishments’ posts you may remember that I have a pretty amazing recycling area in my office building. I usually take a back door when I leave work just so I can walk past by it. In the last few months I found some beautiful baskets, brand new fabric scraps, sheets of buttons, baby products and some other treats. Most of them brand new and still sealed. I am convinced at this point that there is both a fashion as well as baby products production company in my office building.

Frugal Accomplishments

Brand new and still sealed. Price tag still attached? $16

4. Birthday treats

Attended Bday party of T.’s very wealthy friend. This included Broadway show tickets for all the guests (300 people or so) + amazing dinner at a restaurant. Freebies? Scarves for everyone (it was super cold that night in NYC). T. and I grabbed one each + I found one on the floor when we were leaving. These will be added to a package that I am preparing for my sister back in Poland.
Shall I even mention that I was the only one taking a doggy bag with the chicken back home? The portions were huge and I just did not manage to clean my plate. I used the chicken to make lunch for next day.

Frugal accomplishments

5. Extra M.O.N.E.Y

Not much to report on extra money except being up $20 or so through Ebates. I purchased another pretty fancy flower arrangement as a gift (as requested by my boss) which gave me $17. I also ordered some things on VitaCost which gave me $3 back.

Gotta love #freemoney

Gotta love #freemoney

How did YOU save money?



  1. Melissa L says:

    When I worked in a busy office there was always food leftover from meetings and parties. I kept extra containers and ziplocs in my desk for those occasions. What a wonderful treat for a show and dinner! I love the bright colors of those scarves too. Have a great week!

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Ha. Yes. I am sensing we are kindred spirits. I surely do keep ziplock baggies and a couple of small containers in my desk drawers as well. You never know when you can bring a free dinner home. It is good to be prepared 😉
      Have a great weekend Melissa. X

  2. Becky says:

    I think you are doing great through a very busy time of life. It sounds like you are lucky to even be able to EAT, much less cook on your hectic schedule. I’m assuming you are paid well for your overtime (I sure hope so), and so grabbing a bite to eat may be what you need during this busy time.

    Hopefully, you will get to feeling better very soon.

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