Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

I am getting to posting my frugal accomplishments from last week with a bit of a delay. The weekend just got away from me but I was super productive – I finally got to the notorious ‘ironing pile’. I am almost finished with it, ha! By getting to it I found a few pieces of clothing I totally forgot I owned.

Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money copy

Without further ado, let’s see how I did:

1. Rocking it on Ebates

I am up $20 since last time I reported. It took 5 minutes of my time and cost me $0 (well, I mean $0 my personal money).

I am jumping at a chance to purchase anything on behalf of my boss which is usually thank you gifts such as flowers or thank you baskets, etc. I sent 2 bunches of flowers this past week and since they were $99 each using 10% cash back at 1-800-FLOWERS, I made a super easy $20. I cannot wait for the payout in early May. It is going to be a very nice chunk of money which will go towards my dad’s hot springs spa vacation in the Polish mountains. He is not going until mid September and it will cost me around $350. My plan is to save up for it using side money – I am literally half way there;)

Frugal accomplishments

2. Duane Reade Clearance

I usually don’t buy much at Duane Reade but I do love their clearance section. At my local store they keep all their clearance in one corner which makes it super easy (instead walking around section by section). Usually I am able to get things at 75% off but on a rare occasion I am lucking out at 90% off as well. Such as this past week when I got Listerine dental floss at 42 cents each. I got 5 which will last us for at least 6 months.

3. Using things up

to the last drop. Well, not all of them but definitely my most favorite body cream :). Crazy, when you think there is nothing left but cut the tube and look inside you will still find enough to last the entire week (or two!). I opened a new tube for T. and I continue to use the one cut in half.

Got this body cream on clearance after the Holidays in early January. It dropped from $12 to $3.5. It is hands down the best body cream I ever had. And smells heavenly.

Got this body cream on clearance after the Holidays in early January. It dropped from $12 to $3.5. It is hands down the best body cream I ever had. And smells heavenly.

4. Zero meals out

I cooked and prepped and both T. and I managed to NOT eat out all the entire last week. This included all lunches. I also ate 1 lunch at work. We had a catered meeting for which I ordered nice sandwiches, fruit and cookies. Yum 🙂

I am going so strong with the lunch thing that I am challenging myself to ZERO lunches out in April. Do you think I can do it? Tomorrow is the 12th… Hmm.. I think, I can. Let’s see how I go.

5. Weekend on a $0 Budget

Usually I get at least something, the ‘something’ is usually a beloved cup of latte, sometimes a small meal. This weekend I spent nothing on entertainment. It was a bit gloomy so the PG Girl and I decided to stay it. I spent a few hours on Saturday at her apartment where we cooked, watched ‘Chopped’ and drank home made tea. It was great 🙂

How did YOU save money?



  1. Kathy says:

    You are a sharp saving cookie. I save by taking travel mug filled with areo press red-eye coffee when I leave home. I am on a Starbucks fast. IF I do BUY a cup out, it is at a local coffee place. That is rare. A small cup of their great coffee is almost $3.00. no free refills, no coffee club card. I can buy a can of my favorite esspresso for $4.00 on sale. No math needed. Keep up your excellent savings.

  2. Becky says:

    You did awesome! I can’t wait until I’m back onto eating out less. We have grabbed a bite here and there, to the tune of hundreds of dollars this last month and I’m excited about it slowing down, which it already has.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      I know exactly what you mean, Becky. The biggest savings that I have control over is food budget. Cooking from scratch and eating at home can save thousands of dollars each year (as compared to those who wine and dine out). I have been impressed with you making use of all the leftovers at your home. You are definitely making them stretch. That’s a great skill to have!

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