Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

T. had a foot injury a few days ago, which makes it easier to stay home and enjoy home cooking and each other. This also means a lot of patience on my part 😉 You know what I mean? When you’ve got a sick man in a house, there is a lot of extra work involved. I have been serving dinners in bed, adjusting pillows, fetching ice (to put on his ankle) and making endless amounts of snacks. It’s ok, I am happy to have someone to take care of (as long as his ankle heals quickly that is!).

Frugal Accomplishments and Way I Saved Money

Saving money wise, I got some freebies this week and saved some money in usual, boring ways. Let’s see how I did:

1. Freebie board game

The recycling bin at my work just keeps on giving. This week, right on top, there it was waiting for me:

Frugal Accomplishments

The box is slightly ‘used’ (probably from being moved around) but the actual game has never been played. I don’t see myself playing it but I will add to to my ‘donation’ pile. I am sure someone will appreciate and have some fun with it.

2. Starbucks Gift Card

Do you know that the world celebrated ‘Administrative Assistant Day’ sometime last week? No? Me neither. Anyway, my headhunter’s office sent me a greeting card + $10 Starbucks gift card! This brings my account to $20 #FREE coffee 🙂

Frugal Accomplishments

3. CVS Deals

3-4 years ago I used to be a CVS couponing wizard. Unfortunately I think that CVS caught on with everyone. I mean, with proper planning, coupon stacking and all the coupons CVS was sending to my Extra Care card I was able to pay $5-$10 for a $300 shopping spree. Well, while those times are over, today I got lucky and saved me some money. We were completely out of face cream and Advil (T.’s ankle hurt). I checked my online CVS account and ‘sent’ to my card all the coupons that I thought could apply.


2 Garnier face moisturizers and Advil (40 count) for $9.91 +$5 back for next purchase. Not too bad if you ask me.

Frugal Accomplishments

4. Free Craftsy Class(es)

This offer is AMAZING. It is still going on so PLEASE grab your free class(es).

Basically, when you sign up as a NEW user, you will get one class completely free. And not just a free short one, all of the classes are included in the promotion. Including the ones that usually go for $69.99

Frugal Accomplishments

The only problem I had was deciding which class I wanted to get! (I got ’40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know’)

Grab yours now!

5. Other Goodies:
  • I was happy to eat leftover lunches at work twice (sushi and hummus platter). We had external meetings catered but the guests did not seem too hungry (or maybe were too shy?). Either way, my belly was very pleased
  • Not much money spent on other things than needs (that excluded 2 or 3 lattes with friends)
  • Prepped and cooked all our meals at home (including home made pizza – see the photo in the beginning of this post!)
  • I got some good deals at Stop and Shop ($1.88 Arm&Hammer big size detergent 2x) and Dueane Reade (8pc hangers for 75 cents, ecological drain de-clogger for $1.99 and a shower liner for $1.59). Nothing beats 90% clearance at Duane Reade.

How did YOU save money?



  1. Kathy says:

    The pizza looks devine.
    I must admit a tiny bit of jealousy about your sewing class.
    Your frugality is only matched by your devotion to T.
    Keep up the ever aware, all the little thing matter mind set.

  2. Laure says:

    That pizza looks delicious. Did you make or purchase the crust? If you made it, could you share the recipe? If you purchased, could you share the brand?
    Thank you!

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      I purchased the dough from Trader Joes ($1.19) it came out so good. I probably shouldn’t have said it ‘from scratch’ but as far as pizza this is the most ‘from scratch’ as I can ever do. 😉

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