Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

This past week was abundant. Let me say it, yet again, being frugal, being resourceful is a state of mind. Possibly a skill, but more of an attitude, a state of being aware on how one can save or acquire things for free. I find myself always on a lookout. Is this something I can resell, reuse or re-gift?

Leftovers at work? – I will take them!

Ribbons from a gift basket? – Don’t you dare throw them away!

Submitting rebates? – Yes, I WILL bother.

Frugal Accomplishments

How I saved & made money last week? Let’s read on, shall we?

1. #FreeMoney

I have been very lucky to be ordering something online almost every single week. Not for myself but for my boss or office in general. Shall we send flowers? Yes? I will send them! I do ensure to go through Ebates every time. This means #freemoney for me. I am $13 up from last week. Yes!

Frugal Accompishments
Speaking of #freemoney I have a good one for you. So I am walking in my neighborhood and, which is not unusual, I see a pile of stuff ready to be removed the next morning when the recycling trucks come. I look closer and I see a brand new bathroom scale, still in its original box. I pick the box up, check inside, yep, still untouched. Holly Molly. Price sticker on it? $49.99. I literally considered it a gift from God. And what do you do with gifts you get but don’t want? You return them. 🙂
Frugal Accomplishments

2. Free prescriptions

I changed insurance a couple of months ago and when I went to pick up my prescription (I pick up a 3 month supply at a time), I was asked to pay $120. With my previous prescription I paid $0. What happened?? I refused to pay. It took about 2 weeks to figure things out, which included my doctor calling my pharmacy personally. A long story short, it turned out that my insurance would not cover the generic brand (thus the $120 quote) but would cover brand name medication at 100%.

Huh? As ridiculous it as it sounds that’s exactly what happened.

So, if you are getting generic and it still seems high, ask your insurance how much switching to brand medication would cost. In my case, it is a savings of $120/ every 3 months and $480/year! It does not make any sense to me, I am just happy I did not accept the high price and doubted instead.

3. Paid with FSA

Last couple of weeks I had a multitude of medical appointments, co-pays, lab tests, antibiotics. Whatever my insurance has not paid, I paid all with my FSA card. Since the $$ is put directly from my paycheck and is allocated pre-tax, I am practically saving 25%.

4. Staples money

I received a $5 coupon via email ($5 off $5 purchase) valid for 1 day only. I stopped by at the closest Staples after work and picked up a pack of 12 Pentel gel pens. They were on sale from $9.99 down to $6. With my $5 off I paid only $1. No tax as I used my work’s no tax Staples card.

I am adding these to my ‘gifts’ pile.

Frugal Accomplishments

5. Random goods
  • Found a new photo frame in the recycling bin (on top of it) at work
  • Free bagel breakfast at work
  • Cooked all dinners at home

How did YOU save money?



  1. Becky says:

    It seems like you really found some good things in the recycle bins this week! I wonder why the owner wouldn’t return the scale themselves, but maybe they just couldn’t for some reason. It’s good you did it before it just got thrown away!

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Becky, I just think that people’s mentality is not where ours is. For some people it is ‘only’ $49. It is not worth the trip and a hassle in their mind. They just move onto the next thing. Some people are not aware return policy and think it was possibly too late to return? For the record, Bed Bath and Beyond return policy is for full refund with a receipt within two weeks I think but without a receipt you can return for a store credit without time restraints. I once returned air purifier and air mattress 4 years after I purchased them!

  2. Stacy Hagenhoff says:

    I think taking baby steps can be a great approach. One thought is that you could try out just one or two of the uber frugal month strategies each month over the course of several months. It s really all about figuring out what s tenable for you and your family and making the cuts that ll both enable your goals and also allow you to enjoy the life you want.

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