Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

All the pennies keep adding up. It may not seem like a lot to make an extra buck here and there but if I added all together how much I am able to make each month from the most random sources, it really amazes me. Just last week, with practically zero effort, I accumulated almost $45 (in various forms).

Frugal Accomplishments

1. I made some cash

Just look at the $ in my Ebates account 🙂 I hope not to jinx it but I had another purchase or two (for my office) and that gave me another $13. In addition to that, a very kind stranger signed up through my referral link, which means that I got an additional $25 added to my account as an extra bonus. Whoever that was – I am very thankful.

The final Ebates amount for the months of January & February? A whooping $157. #FreeMoney

Frugal Accomplishments

2. I got a CVS gift card

$10 literally landing in my lap. My friend asked me if I would be able to hem her mom’s pants (2 pairs to be exact) and I immediately said yes. I like sewing in general but sewing and being paid for it? Yes, please!

It was a quick project. It is SO easy to take your jeans up by yourself, keeping the original hem. I found a free tutorial on YouTube and the results were awesome.

Frugal Accomplishments

3. More Staples money

I got another email from Staples with $5 off of $5 purchase. It was reissued as ‘unused’ rewards. How I previously missed it is beyond me.

I will use it to get a 6 pack of toilet paper. Oh joy.

4. Bed Bath and Beyond coupons

While organizing all the papers on my desk and in my desk drawers (per Kathy’s challenge) I found a few $5 off of $15 purchase coupons mailed to me by Bed, Bath and Beyond. As you may know, these coupons NEVER expire. Regardless of the expiry date in then, the store honors then no matter how much ‘past due’ they are. I have 3 of these. They will be perfect to use with the $43 store credit I got last week. That’s literally $15 extra dollars to spend.

5. Other frugal accomplishments:
  • I got only 2 drinks out last week (deli coffee for $1.25, still delicious) and a nice luxurious and pricey cup of matcha tea. I met with a friend after work and there was no way around it (no way around staying in a cafe without buying anything)
Frugal Accomplishments

This beauty was a whooping $4.85 at the Matcha Bar in Williamsburg. Super yummy too. Pricey, but oh well, I had a great 1 hour long catch up with a friend so I would say, it was totally worth it.

  • I brought all (but one) lunches to work; no dinners out! This meant eating chilli Tuesday, Wednesday and partially on Thursday. I was trying to ‘spice it up’ with variety of side veggies though. T. was not complaining.
  • I fixed a hole in T.’s sweater. You can’t even tell where the hole was. 🙂
  • I had no food waste, except a few florets of broccoli. They were left overnight (and the next day) on the stove so I did not want to risk serving them. Oh well, I definitely had worse waste than that.
  • I ordered a couple of books (from this year’s Reading List) from my local library. They don’t have the copies I wanted but they will order them for me from another, bigger library. I will get an email notification once ready for pick up.

How did YOU do last week?


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