Frugal Accomplishments And Ways I Saved Money

What a great way to start summer. Beach, nature, warm breeze, home cooked dinners with friends and some hottub time in the evening. That’s how we spent Memorial Day Weekend. Not too shabby if you ask me 🙂
Thanks to T.’s best friend David, we always have a guest room to stay in away from the city. David is so generous, so kind and funny. We love spending our weekends with him and his family.

Now that I am settling with the thought that I am actually done with a job search, and finishing up my current position in a week, I am finding myself as relaxed as I possibly can be. It is a good feeling. I am more confident; I like myself this way 🙂

Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money copy 2

Frugality wise, this past week was so so, as always I could have done better but couldn’t we all? I did not plan on buying any work lunches out but I got two. After the Memorial Day weekend away we got back to an empty fridge so I did not cook until we had a chance to go grocery shopping two days later :/ Talk about poor planning..

Anyhow, I scored a lot of goodies this past week. All literally landed on my lap:

1. FSA balance

So… Not sure if you knew (I didn’t) that once u put a certain balance on your FSA card at the beginning of the year, it is YOURS to spend. Even if you leave your position early (just like I am) and you have not contributed the entire amount. I put $500 on my card for the year but only contributed $200 or so this far. I spent some on copays but still had $380 left. It was MINE to spend in the next 10 days. I did not have any medical appointments scheduled so I went absolutely crazy at the FSA store. $380 goes a long way!

2. Free goodie bags

T., who works as a real estate broker in Long Island, gets invited to all the fancy shmancy ‘showing’ parties all the time. While he is busy networking, I am usually enjoying good food, nice weather and chit chatting with strangers. We attended one of those parties this past weekend. The home up for sale was a whooping $20M, and the party was for 400 people. The food was amazing and the special treat was seeing Drew Barrymore in person who attended as well (promoting her new line of champagne and color cosmetics). I made sure to grab a gift bag full of goodies. I made T. and two of his male friends take one each too. They of course did not care for any of the contents so I took it all. 🙂 I will be sharing with my sister and a friend at work.

Frugal accomplishments

Frugal accomplishments

Frugal accomplishments

Frugal accomplishments

3. Some other quite random frugal things
  • T.’s friend is continuing his move to his new apartment, he gave us a few more things he said he would not use which included hand soap (?), a bottle of febreeze, and a few other small items.
  • As much as we spent some money on lunches out, I cooked all the dinners (that included de-freezing 2 meals). I feel I am getting back on track 🙂
  • Last night I went through my storage area and put together a HUGE bag of stuff to give away. This included all the board games I fished out from the recycling bins at my work throughout the year. Some photo frames, flash cards, boxes of post cards, and other things I will never use. I put the bag in front of a local library today and it was gone literally 7 minutes later. Decluttering for me and a frugal score for someone else.
  • Raspberries and blueberries finally dropped to 3/$5 That’s a great price in NYC! I got myself 6 boxes to add to smoothies this week. Then I ate 2 boxes in one seating. Oops.

Are you staying frugal?



  1. ms13 says:

    Your FSA money can go even further if you buy the items online at and use an online coupon. i had about $50 left of my FSA money last year and got tons of stuff like Thermacare heatpads and really good sunscreen – I think I got about $110 worth of stuff for about $50 with free shipping after combining coupons with sales. Good luck on your new job!

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Thanks so much :). Yes, the new job thing is very exciting.
      As far as shopping using FSA card, I had no idea. Darn it! I was just happy that I was able to use up the entire amount without contributing half of it. I will keep in mind for next year. FSA store definitely is much more expensive than cvs online.

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