Frugal Accomplishments and Ways I Saved Money

I don’t think I’ve accomplished much this week frugality wise. At least not much that comes to my mind to be honest. Shall I even bore you with saying again that I did most of the cooking from scratch? I almost feel I shouldn’t as I realize it is not much of an accomplishment for most of the human kind. For a New Yorker maybe, but who cares? The good news is that I did not spend much money either. Well, except regular groceries, udon soup with a friend on a Wednesday and an Ikea $69 small kitchen table.

Since no major frugality breakthroughs happened this week I am going to try to look into much smaller accomplishments than usual. Such as breathing free air 😉

Frugal Accomplishments

1. Free books

From a library as well as freshly picked off of the New York City streets.  Not sure how common it is in your city but anywhere in my city you can find free books on every street corner. People move out or clean up their closets and  they leave their stuff upfront. It all gets picked up, and sometimes, especially if someone is moving out in a hurry, you can find some gems let me tell you. This past week I brought home a few books, one of them brand new and still sealed in.



2. Only 1 coffee out

Phew. As compared to the previous week, this week I really did best to drink free coffee. Either at home, at my office or as a ‘sample’ treat at my local Trader Joe’s while shopping. I only spent $1.25 on a deli coffee cup before I hopped on the M train last Tuesday. I have to say, although this is pretty much the absolute cheapest coffee you can get in the NYC area, I am really enjoying it. I think it is a mix of the staff being super nice and handing me coffee the way I like it before I even order it, as well as the anticipation to get caffeinated before getting ‘on the road’. That first sip once I settle on a train literally feels like pumping blood into my brain.

Well, as you can see, I do love my coffee 🙂

3. Netflix trial

This week we signed up for 30 day trial on Netflix which we will cancel before we get billed. I do like some shows on Netflix but since we already pay for cable (only $30 as we split with our landlord),  and own the Apple TV, having Netflix or Hulu or anything else is really just too much. But trial for $0? Sure.

4. Extra M.O.N.E.Y
  • I finally sold a Zara top I had on my eBay for the last few months. Netted $19.
  • Got $25 back on my credit card for a medical bill we shall have not paid. (turned out that T.’s eye doctor was charging him co-pay while in the office and also sending a bill to our house! T. would paid while getting a service and I, unknowingly, was paying the same bill once it got sent to our home). We have another 2 charges waiting to be disputed. Talk about sneaky.
  • I sent some flowers (as part of my work) as a thank you. I made sure to go through Ebates. 1-800Flowers for 20% cash back and for 3 flower deliveries I have another $59 pending. Cha-ching!

Happy dance, happy dance

5. Returned a few things

Took a couple of things back to Trader Joe’s and Costco. Including strange tasting hummus and chips that hurt my gums with every bite. If you ever feel you want to do a return but feel guilty about it, please don’t. Both stores have amazing ‘no questions asked’ return policy and I do not think twice anymore if I want to return something I don’t like.

Huh, at the beginning of this post it seemed to me I would not come up with much but actually now that I am re-reading the above, it does not look that bad. Especially the extra cash part. How was YOUR week? Are you staying frugal?


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  1. TerriC says:

    I so understand the coffee thing! I have a pot that has a timer on it so it’s brewing before I drag myself from bed. My husband, dear that he is, requires only a polite gruff ‘Good Morning, dear” from me and then leaves me to my coffee. See what a dear he is? lol

    I have recently renewed my acquaintance with the library and thus far have been happily engaged in a variety of books. Bliss.

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