Frugal Accomplishments Weekly Update

This past week I managed to track every penny dollar we spent. Well, to my best knowledge as I cannot say 100% as far as T. is concerned. As I may have mentioned in some of my previous pasts, while I think we live frugally, we surely have a lot of room for improvement in certain areas, especially all the weekends’ ‘exceptions’ that we treat ourselves to. We also still don’t have a budget but generally try to stay aware of where the money is going, trying not to go overboard as far as personal ‘wants’ or ‘imaginary’ needs.

Frugal Accomplishments

Currently, regardless of all the budget related bellyaching that I have been doing, I actually think that T. is doing much better frugality wise (than I am!). Remember my $180 UBER fiasco? Or my totally out of control Saturday when I spent $60 just by casually hanging out with one of my girlfriends? I am sure I would have had as much fun if I drank 1 small cappuccino instead of 2 fancy lattes, a piece of cake and a smoothie just an hour later.


Somewhere these past few months my rule of $150/month of personal money surely loosened up. Even the $150 is a bit too much when one is trying to put other things as a priority (saving for a home downpayment, maxing Roth IRA and such). Yet again I am determined to get back on track. What is reasonable considering that almost all of my interactions with friends happen over a ‘bite to eat’ or a cup of coffee? We are all scattered around the NYC metro area and we usually choose a spot most convenient for all. We tend not to visit one another in our apartments (due to commuting time); and there is always an aspect of ‘going out’.

Anyway, I am back to committing to managing on a $150 budget in personal money each month until at least the end of this year. I can do this.

For the record, my personal money allocation includes:
  • My clothing
  • Personal grooming (which usually means a $6 eyebrow threading).
  • Eating out with friends
  • Coffees, snacks and lunches out
  • Uber car / taxi
  • Cosmetics
  • All unnecessary, cute things
  • All other wants that are NOT needs! 😉 
Yo, this is how I did this week – August 1-6th spendings:

$23.41 – I paid for dinner with T. and a friend. We went out to our favorite (and inexpensive!) Tuc Tuc and paid just for the two of us. The friend paid for himself.

That’s it. I am not planning on spending any money today. Not bad.

Frugal Accomplishments:

1. More Schoola clothing

I am so grateful to 3 of my readers who signed up and placed their first order through my affiliate link. That gave $20 credit to them and to me as well. I was able to purchase more clothing for my niece. I think she is all set for new school year. I can’t wait to surprise my sister with that huge package that I am prepping for her. xx

If you are NEW to Schoola and sign up through this link we both get $20 credit towards purchase, you can also put in the WSW00090-SM discount code (first time user only) and you will get $41 worth of clothing absolutely free. The discount code is good only until end of August, 2016.

This is what I got #Happy 🙂

frugal accomplishments

frugal accomplishments

2. Sold shoes on eBay

$34.40 baby!

3. Free magazine subscription

using some unused FF United miles. I got 4 yearly subscriptions (no credit card required). All the subscriptions I ordered are ‘cooking’ magazines 🙂

4. Used Duane Reade reward points

and got Crest mouthwash for free

5. Brown-bagging it all

I boringly brought all my lunches with me to work, drank k-cups office coffee and munched on free nuts. Since June 20th (my first day at new job) I purchased only 1 lunch out. I am so proud of it, still going strong 🙂

How are YOU saving money? Wishing everyone great weekend!


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