Most Frugal Event of the Year

Frugal living

I think this may be my biggest ‘frugal accomplishment’ this year 🙂 –

On November 15th (payday) I got a huge surprise. Namely, it turns out that even though my work allows 401k contributions after 6 months of being employed, my first contribution went through 2 months earlier.

I am thrilled for multiple reasons:

  • I will be able to max out my 401k for the year. I contributed a nice chunk of $$ before June while at my previous job. If I put away 80% of each paycheck for the remaining 3 pay periods I will be able to max out this bad boy. We will achieve this by spending money that we put away from my paychecks for the last 4 months when I could not be contributing to any retirement plans.
  • By saving the maximum allowed of pre tax money, we are shielding more $$ from tax. More to us and less for IRS.
  • My company contributes 4%!

I would say that was my biggest frugal accomplishment for the week (or probably year). Totally unexpected. What I did right though was setting up my contribution amount in my Insperity account even though I did not expect it to go through until January. If I had not done it and waited till then I would have never known I qualified to contribute much sooner. 🤓

Other than that my week was on frugal autopilot. I was traveling and did best to keep my spendings within the allowance I gave myself. I spent a bit extra but I saw it as a need (vs. want) so not a big deal. Now I am back to tightening my belt since T. and I are traveling for Christmas. Another year that I am very happy knowing that him and I do not exchange Christmas gifts. Phew. The gift to both of us is our trip, we will also go out to eat here and there I am sure. No need to buy stuff we don’t need. Seriously, unless you are doing it already in your household, you shall give it a try this year. A couple of useful gifts for children and no gifts for adults. Keeps your wallet nice and full and lowers the stress of shopping. Not to mention, eliminates the ‘competition’ of gift giving. Bigger, better, more expensive, only because the other side ‘expects it’. Am I right?

How are YOU saving money?


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