Frugal Weekly Update

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This past week literally flew by. It was also last week of ‘summer hours’ for the year. I will surely miss getting off work at 3pm on Fridays. T. and I are spending this Labor Day weekend in Sagaponack in Long Island. Our ever generous friend is letting us stay in his beautiful home, using his pool and hot tub. What a treat. We are enjoying peace and quiet, lots of nature and being a bit lazy too. The evenings are getting a bit chilly so last night we enjoyed an outdoor fire pit too. Fall is definitely coming.

Weekly Frugal Update

Frugality wise, two things that consistently help me save most money are:

  • Making dinners at home and from scratch as well as brownbagging lunches for work
  • Spending time with friends who understand and accept the fact that my priority is to save money rather than spend it

Although I still do find it difficult sometimes to stay assertive and keep saying ‘no’.

  • No, let’s just grab a coffee (instead of a drink)
  • No, how about we share a pastry and eat it at home (instead of doing a sit down dessert from a restaurant menu)
  • No, how about we do something for free (instead of buying a ticket to a concert)
  • Let’s spend this Sunday in a park (instead of going to Cold $ Spring for a day)

Having a friend or two who get where I am coming from without making me feel guilty for not spending money on going out with them, is something I really appreciate.

I was able to purchase Stonewall Kitchen pancake mix for $5 at my local discount grocery store. It is usually $20. I think this mix is absolutely THE BEST

I was able to purchase Stonewall Kitchen pancake mix for $5 at my local discount grocery store (the BIG can). It is usually $20. I think this mix is absolutely THE BEST 🙂

How did YOU save money last week?


  1. Peggy Ann in CT says:

    Back to school time always means an outlay of cash. Over the summer we were able to pick up sale items from Staples and ShopRite. We tried to re-use as much as we could but picking up a few items each week really helped. My older daughter needed new sneakers. We went to PayLess because I had a $10 off $25 coupon. Of course the sneakers she wanted were $40 but with the coupon it would not be as bad. It was also the last day of no-tax week in CT so that would be a little saving. I almost did the happy dance at the register when the sneakers rang up for $27 so the final cost was $17 with the coupon. Friends hosted a lobster boil dinner in their backyard for their church. There was one dinner left over and they offered it to me. I was “happy as a clam” enjoying that meal. Made a quick trip to CVS to get a certain item and use expiring reward dollars. They were out of it so I got a rain check. But purchased 3 dish soaps, a snack size packet of olives (a treat for me and the package was just so cute and only $1.29) and several theater size boxes of candy (my daughter was with me). Well with coupons and CVS rewards the bill was 10 cents! Another happy dance at the register. I also got a Staples coupon in the mail $10 off $10 regularly priced items. I purchased bulletin board boarder trim (redoing the bulletin board at church), putty for hanging posters on the wall and a package of decorative tissue paper. That total after coupon was 50 cents. And this week’s final happy dance at the register. Not all weeks go like this but this past week was a blessing for sure. Kind of sad to see the summer go but happy to get back into a routine and looking forward to the cooler fall days. I don’t always comment but so enjoy reading your posts. Have a great week Mariana.

  2. Jeannie says:

    Have you thought about making your own pancake mix? I do and it is so easy. I make a HUGE batch and send it to my son who is away at college. It seems to be the ONLY thing he can cook. I use whole wheat flour I have ground myself and add vanilla and cinnamon. I use my own dehydrated eggs which lowers the cost too. I guess it could taste like cardboard and it would not matter after he dumps syrup all over it.

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